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  1. Remember Gustaberg? Who hasn't!? Dusty tumble weed rolling on by while forever traveling getting to your destination, or consistent grinding outside the home nation of Bastok. Arranged chill. He worked on this for piratically 24 hours. I gotta say this is quite pleasing to the ear. Rhythm on par as well as originality kept well. What's your criticism? Has a nice upbeat rap instrumental feel to it.
  2. I've been a fanatic of the series of BoF for quite some time. It's incredibly difficult to find the right person with the right equipment for remixing that pleases the memory of my childhood. However, a family member of mine decided to remix this fine tune and by far deemed 'chill' purity of its funky'ness. It has its originality and very catchy. I thought I'd share this to you all to see what you all think. https://soundcloud.com/djreflections/breath-of-fire-3-eden-remix
  3. I'll try not to O.o I don't post here so often.
  4. still dreaming till this day this gets remixed
  5. Is there any way I can submit a request and make it some sort of a contest offer? For example, make "A" and "B" request and the best re mixer would be given 100$? Just wondering I was thinking of making that offer to the community here.
  6. I was fumbling around youtube pages for some old nifty FF tunes and came across this oldie sound track that's very notable & unforgettable: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP2Md6u2Nvk I figured "hmm well this might have been remixed but hardly other than the one I've come across of an orchestra. I'm really in a bit of a lost in thoughts why this fine tune was never touched or remixed on OC.
  7. 8-O8-O8-O8-O Good lord the intro is flying funky awesomeness. How in heavens did he do that. It's as he's trying imitate a fan wing. Brilliant!
  8. I haven't touched Mana 3 game for some time but the Powell theme remix really brought a tear to my eye hearing this on a piano. It was my long life dream, and dare I say, been expecting a remix of this. The piano pace is perfect and a little different how it's played. However, the originality is kept in respecting the the tune from the game. The ending was especially lovely.
  9. You need to hear this or you will not sleep happy. I'm so over taken by this sound track.
  10. I smiled, chuckled, and took a smoke listening to this. I love the zesty introduction that gives it that Spanish vibe to it with the light guitar element. The flow is a medium and very light on piano. What really got to me is the whistle that flowed with the rhythm (wild arms reference anyone ? xD). 10/10 A+ must listen.
  11. I fell in love with this sound track. Fits perfectly with my routinely work out.
  12. Originality: 5/5 Old School: 5/5 Instrumental: 5/5 Ambience's play through: 5/5 Over laps a little but still bearable. Brings back great memories of the original sound track. (I myself played this game too ) Grade: A+ must listen.
  13. I love this in all levels. The technique of having realistic beat and a 2bit sound used from the sonic game (and others I noticed) itself is pure. Originality: 5/5 Old School: 5/5 Ambient like atmosphere. Totally up beat and fun. Grade: A+ must listen.
  14. This is so fruity... I would consider children liking this of some sort.
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