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  1. This is a fantastic idea! I'm going to start looking at potential sources.
  2. This is beautiful. The vocal parts near the end remind me of Sea Power (who had a large role in the soundtrack for Disco Elysium). Love it, excellent work.
  3. Thank you so much for all your help with this, @Hemophiliac. I am proud of it, and I wouldn't have gotten to this point without you. I'll find something to use as a stronger transition and lower the lead a smidge. I don't have much free time between now and the album deadline so that'll be my last revision. And I'll re-submit it for evaluation as well, it'll be interesting to see how it goes down with the judges in it's new state. Thank you again!
  4. Thank you again @Hemophiliac. One slight amendment is that 0:37-0:54 is from the source. It's 4 bars stretched to 8 that plays from about 0:55 - 1:04 of the original track underneath the trumpet that I turned into the solo bass section. I've fixed the bass issue at 2:12 etc. There was a midi trigger on one of the synths that was triggering at the same time, Also reduced the delay across the entire stem for that synth that was likely causing issues. I played around with adding source into the 1:14-1:53 section but nothing really clicks. I added in a single bar right in the middle, but that's all that really sounded right to me.
  5. Thank you once again for the amazing feedback, @Hemophiliac. The solo bass did have more low-end in the previous version, but I removed it to try and level it out with the rest of the bassline. It added back in now, but I feel I may have boosted the rest of the bass a little too much, but that might be my headphones. The end section gave me a little trouble, so I split the difference and kept the first part mostly the same then re-added the main hook with chords underneath for the second part, which feels like it works to me, but of course I'd like to hear your thoughts.
  6. See, this is why I checked again before submitting to the Christmas Album ? Thank you, @Hemophiliac. Your advice is spot-on as always, The drum thing is a bit odd, as everything is from the same sample-pack, and I've replaced the snare and kick since last time I posted the mix for evaluation. I would very much love to add a solo over the top of the second half, but that's far beyond my skill level. I have however removed 8 bars of repetition from the beginning and created a mostly new end section, as well as addressing the other mixing errors you mentioned. The problem is now that I don't know if is too much of a departure from the original source ?
  7. I'm back with an updated and hopefully better track! I'm sure there are still issues, so please let me know what needs attention!
  8. This just popped up on Rainwave for me. When that main melody kicked in, nostalgia hit me like a bag of wet sand to the back of the head. I was gifted a C64 in the mid-90's (way after the machine's heyday) which came with a fair few Ocean games, so the Ocean Loader music was permanently ingrained into my highly impressionable psyche. Well done Retro Brothers for bringing this amazing piece of music back to life in such an amazing way!
  9. OK, fixed the drums and clipping issues. Honestly don't what embellishments I can make to this, that's kinda where I fall down in making remixes ? Thank you for all the help. I'll send this in for the Christmas album and might try my luck with the judges if I'm feeling brave.
  10. Alrighty, here's a new version. Setting to 'Ready for Review' again.
  11. Excellent feedback, thanks dude. The section where the bass takes the lead is actually one of the brass lines repurposed. I deliberately wanted to keep this stripped back as I have a tendency to succumb to feature creep and end up with way too much in the soundscape cluttering everything up. I'll take your feedback and see what I can implement. Thanks again!
  12. This is for the OverClocked Christmas Album this year. I've always wanted to make a track from Ristar's 'Ring Rink (Round 5-1)' source and inspiration has finally struck! I'm very lacking in the mixing and mastering department, so specific feedback is highly appreciated. https://on.soundcloud.com/VZHk4
  13. Absolutely wonderful. Just came across this on Rainwave and it blew me away. Comparing it to ELO is on-point; the constant shifts in the arrangement make this a joy to listen to.
  14. I'm on a chillhop / lofi beats creative binge at the moment, and was wracking my brain trying to think of a videogame track I might be able to remix into that style. Tears of... (or Good Ending) seemed like a simple yet effective source to play with, so here are. I mostly made this to include as a bonus track for an album, but though it might pass muster here? It might be a bit too conservative in it's source usage to be accepted, but I thought I'd pass it through the workshop to see how it did.
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