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Act On Insurrection (Act On Instinct C&C remix)

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If anyone ever played the TS mod Twisted Insurrection, then this is actually an update to a crappier remix I did for that a couple of years ago. Don't know whether this version will get in the mod as that is up to the developers, but either way I had unfinished business and needed to improve it! Structurally it's not much different to the original, as the inspiration was to remake the song for the mod.

Original track: https://youtu.be/n4AUY-v1nsE

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Haha, Command and Conquer. You definitely get some points for taking a stab at this one - I don't hear enough C&C on here. Lots of fun sounds going at once, though I do find it has some balancing issues with the bass (just kind of sticks out like a sore thumb). I think there's some clipping in there, too (especially with that snare drum). Very nostalgic, though, so I'm gonna like it regardless :P

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Thanks for the feedback. I did actually read this before but didn't have the inclination to do anything at the time. I updated it though, with a much changed mix that tries to brighten up the whole thing, especially after Frank Klepacki did his own remix of Twisted Insurrection track that obviously sounds much better and more professional. The soundcloud track has been updated. I didn't hear any clipping though so nothing was changed there, although after this new mix it wouldn't apply in the same way anyway. I can't hear any now either.

Here's Frank's version of Space Echoes: https://youtu.be/1UYh22j8JM4


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