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Thunder Force III / Sega Genesis

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I would love to hear someone Remix a montage of most of the songs in the one-of-a-kind space shooter, thunder force 3. It has been one of my favorite games throughout all of my life, along with Ghouls 'n ghosts and sonic 2. If possible I would like to hear these tracks with a techno twist. Thank you to anyone who will answer this request. :D

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I think The Coop had some Thunder Force coverage hosted on VGMix, though I can't even remember if it's the game you implied.

Either way, I can provide you a couple of links on this matter.

"Dual Storm" (BrainCells & CarboHydroM)

A metal collab between two of my fave guitarists in the community. It won the Dwelling of Duels Space Shooters theme in February 2005.

SIDE NOTE: BrainCells made a Thunder Force 3 mix and subbed it to the panel, though it got rejected on grounds of minimal arrangement. I don't know if I can find it unless VGMix comes back online in the next five minutes.

"Waves of Adrenaline" (goat)

Just scroll down the page and you'll see it; his direct links have too many spaces to make a proper link in this post. But anyway, this is another metal-ish track, though this time it's his take on The Grubby Blue Dark. I actually am impressed with his level of arrangement in this one in comparison to some of his other works :)

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I used to have several remixes from TF III on VGMix 1 and 2 before they went down. I remixed "Hunger Made Them Desparate" and "The Grubby Dark Blue", and I'm still tweaking a remix of "Present" (the Staff Roll tune).

Edit: Got my ending theme names mixed up.

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