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  1. interesting... that's kinda neat right there.
  2. Does anyone know of and blues remixes? I don't think I've seen one on here.
  3. honestly i don't know what song would really fit the style, i was hoping other people could think of that. i'm a bit rusty with game music right now, haven't been around it and those wicked 2D games in way too long.
  4. I had an idea not so much for any particular song to remix, but a way to mix it. I was listening to Achilles Last Stand by Led Zeppelin and thought to myself, "Hey, that would make a really cool game remix." That epic sounding "tells a story with a guitar" type of sound would be really killer for pretty much anything. I figure it would be pretty damn hard to pull off well, but if there's anyone that's up for the challenge that would be really sweet. If anyone knows of a remix that is like that, would you link it please? Thanks, Quizz
  5. Quizzledorf

    PC Gaming

    I play WoW and Star Wars Battlefront 2 alot. Sometimes I play some UT and RA2, but not that often anymore. There's a few games I'm looking forward to. Burning Crusade (of course), UT2k7, Hellgate: London, Command and Conquer 3, and Diablo 3 (whenever Blizzard gets around to actually making it instead of saying they will).
  6. i saw those threads about sandwiches and whatnot, and decided to share a few of the random combinations of food i've eaten, and wanted you to say what you've eaten that's out of the ordinary. 1 snack pack (chocolate) some chili cheese fritos crush the fritos and stir them into the pudding then eat it FWAHAHA! NEXT!! 2 hot fudge sundae pop tarts taco flavored doritos glass of chocolate milk sandwich the chips between the 2 pop tarts and dip it in the milk, it's tasty ok yeah, it sounds sick, but they're actually pretty good
  7. wow dude, that's screwed up lol i wish i could get free food unless of course it's really cheap and moldy
  8. hell yeah sound sweet, i'd do drums for whoever but i don't have any way of recording. damn my being poor...
  9. hehe, i didn't feel like going through a hundred some pages of forum so i decided to ask, does anybody have an alliance character on the server Whisperwind?? Cornmuffin, Lvl60 Nightelf Druid, Balance Spec'd
  10. there's one that was on VGMix called Metallion or something like that by Brancells that's a nice metal version of the Gorgon stage i think it's called
  11. for the games i've played, i have to give it to Target Earth/Assault Suits Leynos for sega genesis. That game was ridiculously hard even without the bosses, but you have to fight them as youre beign attacked fom all sides by multiple enemies. i still cant get past the 4th level and ive been playing it for about 12 years...
  12. hey, at ZTNet, my order still says "Pending." what the hell does that mean? i ordered it at the end of may, and there were shirts of that type and size in stock. those all shipped, but i never recieved them. i feel cheated by this website.......
  13. Server: Whisperwind Player Name: Cornmuffin Faction: Alliance Race: Night Elf Class: Druid Spec: Feral Level:51 Guild: Silverblades
  14. man i think this is kinda weird that im on one of the more populated servers, Whisperwind, and nobody else from OCR is on it. if anyone decides to join my server, my name is Cornmuffin. BOW TO MY DRUIDY GOODNESS!!!!!!
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