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Castlevania remix (CoD & AoS)


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I'd love some feedback on my round 1 remix from the Castlevania compo (going on right now over at http://ocremix.org/community/topic/42341-castlevania-cacophony-of-incarnation-2016/?page=1)

Any feedback is welcome! You can either post your comments in this thread or on SoundCloud. I plan on submitting this to the OCR judges panel.



You say love should feel this way
You say love can ease the pain

I fear my choice is unclear
I fear I could disappear

Ruin, sorrow, your love leaves me hollow
In the darkness you won't find me here anymore

Jaded, blinded, your voice drew me in
Our love was misguided but I won't be fooled again
You've become a Vampire
You broke my heart and drank my soul
One day you'll finally meet your fate

In the darkness shadows wait for you
I won't be your victim and my revenge is overdue
You've become a vampire
And now I'm here to vanquish you
This night you'll finally meet your fate

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My main complaint was that the robo-voice was extremely shrill.  I actually had a hard time appreciating the rest of the remix because the voice was hitting my pain threshold.  Personally, I would have loved to have heard this with your natural voice, which I thought would be especially well-suited to this arrangement as well as the theme.

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Nice! I love the synths entering at 00:34. And it's nice to hear something from the compo with voice. I like the melody but as MindWanderer said it's too shrill. Maybe it'd sound better with natural voice, or at lest try to lower a little bit the volume and roll off some high frequencies. Good job with the arrangement, i really like it.

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