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  1. Like Supercoolmike, it's been impossible for me to participate in the Dracula bracket. I wish I could have done it! But hey, I had a lot of fun in the initial rounds anyway I would go for options 2 or 3.
  2. I will let Gario win. It's the best solution and I think it wouldn't be fair if I won because I voted myself and he didn't do the same. Congratulations to Gario, it was a nice submission
  3. I love Undertale's OST too (who doesn't?) and I'd be interested in collaborating in something like this. But hey, I want to make sure this is a serious thing and it's going to get finished.
  4. Remix for the 2nd round submitted. Maybe the weirdest thing I've ever done. I can't wait to hear yours @Gario and @HoboKa!
  5. Hi, this is a song presented for the Castlevania compo. This song mixes "Master's Keep" and "Munitions Factory" The votations period for this song have already finished and it won the first round but still i'd like to get some feedback (thanks @wildfire for the idea). I had never mixed Metal, EDM and Classical music in a single song this way, so any comments are apreciated! This is the song:
  6. Nice! I love the synths entering at 00:34. And it's nice to hear something from the compo with voice. I like the melody but as MindWanderer said it's too shrill. Maybe it'd sound better with natural voice, or at lest try to lower a little bit the volume and roll off some high frequencies. Good job with the arrangement, i really like it.
  7. Last minute sign-up! I'm in with themes from Portrait of Ruin: 1 - Gaze Up at the Darkness 2 - Invitation of a Crazed Moon 3 - A Small Prayer (shop theme) 4 - Iron Blue Intention 5 - Jail of Jewels I'm new here so I hope this will be a good way to get started From the 26 of January until the 4th of February I'll be very busy so I'd like to avoid those days if possible. Thanks!
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