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Besaid Island Remix - Denzel Parks


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Hi and welcome to ocremix. You've tagged your three threads for eval, but it seems you don't know what it's for, or understand what kinds of remixes ocr is about. While you can post almost any kind of remix in this forum, the things you submit to ocr for official mixposts have to meet certain standards. The eval tag is used to ask official evaluator to give your remix a listen before you submit it to the panel. See this thread.

This track doesn't meet those standards. It's essentially just the source, with a delay on it, and some other effects and things around. It's fine to post that here (and it's a great source, beautiful and easy to work with), but don't use the eval tag for that, because it's not an ocr-type arrangement. To remove the tag, use the Full Editor when editing the first post.

I'm going to evaluate the other two mixes, as they seem to be more in line with what ocr posts. Again, welcome to the site. :D

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No problem. Protip: read the how-to threads at the top of the forum. They're there for a reason. ;)

You removed the eval tag from your other two mixes, and I only got to one of them in time, so that'll be enough from me for now. When you have a remix that you think is ready for ocr, mark it for eval and I or another evaluator will be there (hopefully within a few days) to give it our critique.

Again, welcome to the site. :D

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