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Mellow Gust - (Final Fantasy X-2 Wind Crest)


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Hi, I sampled the first few bars from Final Fantasy X-2 Theme Song Wind Crest The Three Tails (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQm2dO0qI5g) with FL Studio. Was aiming for a new soul sound with epiano and bass. Near the end of the song it kind of gets away from it because the song transition felt like it need something slightly different so added a some synthesizers.  I don't think it sounds too bad but good criticism is welcome.  I would like some feed back. Enjoy. Thanks for listening.



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The choice of style is a good one. It's nice and chill. With one exception, the sound design is pretty good. At 1:35, you introduce a synth that clashes with the rest of them. It's also the exception to the good sound design. 

Good sound design doesn't mean the track is mixed well. I find the drums stand out a bit too much, while the other elements become secondary background things. In most tracks, drums are not a lead instrument. I don't think they're supposed to be one here, either. Most of the tracks don't feel integrated into the track. Some specific work with track EQ, and some subtle compression on the whole thing should help glue the elements together.

There's the sound of some talking, something voice-like in the background, that I find annoying. Were it there once or twice, I might not care or even notice, but it keeps appearing throughout the track. This falls under pet peeves and artist's discretion, so it's not something I expect the panel to reject it for. I suggest you consider why you have it there, what purpose it serves.

The arrangement is fairly simple, and I don't get a sense of the track actually going anywhere. You've got a good enough groove going that the track doesn't fall apart because of this, but it's still something worth looking into.

I still find it too repetitive. The source is simplified and repeated, with some variation to the dynamics via the appearance and disappearance of other tracks. I don't think that's interesting enough to carry the track. Since you're drawing on the epiano aesthetic, you could let it have a few small melodies during the groove parts. Nothing distracting, since this aesthetic works as a fairly minimalistic thing, but something to break up the repetition more.

All of the instrumentation could do more, whether it's obvious things, or just some human touches here or there. The mechanical, inhuman sound of the instrumentation doesn't help. The bass stands out as especially robotic.

The 6/4 time signature seems to cause some confusion, and some poor transitions such as 1:33, and the ending which just... ends.

I like it. It's got a cool sound. It'll take some work to get it ocr-ready, but the hard part - the core idea - is there. It's also a source, a game, that hasn't been touched much. Good luck and have fun remixing.

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