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Okay despite the name,"Dream Del Male", this isn't a remix of "Forze Del Male" (Kingdom Hearts) but "Elm Street" (Nightmare On Elm Street NES). I mixed the original's melody with some of my own music to create a theme that would fit both Ansem and Freddy Krueger. I have a bizarre style of electronic music (I use midi and FL Studio with samples and a KH soundfont) and I don't know much at all about mixing. Please give me your feedback and some advice. 

Original theme being remixed.



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This is pretty chill. Its more like an ambient style of the song. 

My advice would be to adjust the bassline to follow the melody of the original song, because there is not much various in melody if it wasnt for the other instruments. For example, the bassline in the original drops to a low melody, then goes back up to a higher melody. Yours is the same.

Either way, I like it, it was ambient

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Okay, I tweaked the lead to include the original's bassline using Musescore's piano feature and remade it. I think this version might be OCRemix worthy (I hope). I'd prefer it if more people would give their critique and possibly some mixing tips (I don't really know mixing yet.


Here's the revised version

Oh and happy Easter 2016.

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