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OC ReMix and Let's Plays

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Me and a friend of mine started playing Factorio together, and recorded it to get our insanity and post it on YouTube. While playing games in general I play OCRemix music, normally just "all on shuffle". I went to clean up the videos before shipping it off to YouTube.

Then I read the FAQ.

Now, fortunately I decided to just listen to some albums for the first recording sessions so it is not hard to create a playlist off the album listing and put it in the description, however this would be a complete PITA had I just his shuffled the full list. This is mostly because I used ShadowPlay for my first 2 recording sessions, the audio is all messed up and the music is barely there.

My fix for that is to use OBS, I've set it up to display Wimamp's play list, overtop of what I'm plain,  which will show the song information. Will this along with an  "http://www.ocremix.org" link in the description fulfil the need listed in the FAQ?

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