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    Streaming site?

    Since I picked up a YouTube Premium subscription, which comes with Google Play Music, I just uploaded EVERYTHING up to Google Play Music and just stream it from there. Just my 2 cp.
  2. Just listened to this track on OCR Rainwave. This has a VERY MegaMan X sound to it, and to that effect I love it. Keep it up.
  3. There's a new Sheriff in town and Sheriff Link's music has not been remixed. In all seriousness, I would like to make a request for "The hidden Village" from "The Legend of Zelda; Twilight Princess: to be remixed. I have not the talent nor software/instruments to do this myself. It already has a great western feel of which there is distinct lack of on the site. This is all I'm my opinion of course
  4. Good heavens was this posted in 2000? Watched a Deathbattle on YouTube and this song was apart of the music track made me come here to listen to it (not at home). I've had this song in my playlist for... well not too long after it was posted. (might have been the song that lead me here, not sure coulda been a MegaMan or FFVI remix too) This is STILL after all these years a fun and catchy remix. After all these years it still get's a 10 in my book
  5. I cannot agree with this in any fashion. AMD has the best price, I will agree with that, but for RAW single chip power, Nvidia has had them beat, AMD normally pulls ahead when the break out the Dual GPU card. However with the 1070 and 1080 from Nvida coming out soon supposedly doubling the performance of the Titan X, that's gonna be hard for AMD. and then there's the possible overclocks they were achieving in the demo. I Can't wait for them to do some benches with these things. My personal suggestion is to wait a month or two. Nvidia just announced the release of the Pascal based cards and they are supposed to SCREAM. Even if your not looking at them they will bring the price down for other cards, to some extent anyway. Info from: Google searches.
  6. Are there different rules for albums? If not, who do I talk to about the finer details? My Let's play (all my videos in general) are not monetized.
  7. Outta curiosity does that also work for monetization?
  8. Thanks for the reply *point to the 'joined date'* I've loved music from this site for a long time It keeps me sane ('ish) when I do stuff. Now to switch over to my "everything and the kitchen sink" playlist
  9. Anyone have any information on this?
  10. Me and a friend of mine started playing Factorio together, and recorded it to get our insanity and post it on YouTube. While playing games in general I play OCRemix music, normally just "all on shuffle". I went to clean up the videos before shipping it off to YouTube. Then I read the FAQ. Now, fortunately I decided to just listen to some albums for the first recording sessions so it is not hard to create a playlist off the album listing and put it in the description, however this would be a complete PITA had I just his shuffled the full list. This is mostly because I used ShadowPlay for my first 2 recording sessions, the audio is all messed up and the music is barely there. My fix for that is to use OBS, I've set it up to display Wimamp's play list, overtop of what I'm plain, which will show the song information. Will this along with an "http://www.ocremix.org" link in the description fulfil the need listed in the FAQ?
  11. not being a fan of Rap I enjoyed this lot more than I normally would, I think it was the message that swayed. Excellent job.
  12. this is one of my favorite mixes, and will be requested by me if it's available. it makes me smile.
  13. This remix is awesome. I never heard the source, and thought it was a Castlevania remix at first.
  14. Everyone got their play lists, one for when your wanting to relax, one for when you need to get your work done.. And then there's this LIST, it's your favorite and you absolutlly love every song on it. In my case it's the AWESOME LIST, and that is where this mix will go. Why? Because whenever I listen to it, I go "THIS IS AWESOME"
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