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Attack Remix - Final Fantasy X (Attack Piano Score)


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This song is sampled from the score Attack from Final Fantasy X. Made in FL Studio, Utilizes two pianos, two synth from Sytrus, and a standard drumset with an 808. Also has a few delays and reverbs. Not really sure how to describe the sound or genre I guess a blend of pop and hip hop.  Feedback and criticism as usual are always welcome. Thanks for listening. Hope you enjoy.


Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_o4pETAzW4



My Mix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knssyMY0HAk


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Good news, bad news. The good news is that this is structurally much better than your previous remix. The bad news is that this still runs afoul of the rule about sampled audio from Square-Enix-owned material. As the Piano Collections were released by SE, I guess that's another NO, OVERRIDE. Sorry.

There's some clashing notes in here, sometimes between the synth and the source piano, sometimes between the piano parts themselves (eg 0:55). I like the 808 tom melody. I can't quite grasp the time signature of the track. Most of it is a fairly straightforward 4/4, but the way the piano elements come in suggests something more like 12/4 at times. It's interesting, but it doesn't sound entirely deliberate.

There's problems with repetition, as expected from something built primarily on the source audio cut up and looped. Stuff like the 2:27-2:58 part, maybe in part because of the odd harmonies and clashes and things, gets old fast.

Like I said, much better than your previous mix. Keep trying. I suggest you try to make one that doesn't sample the source directly. While there's only a NO, OVERRIDE in the case of SE-affiliated material, and sampling can be done very well, I think you'd benefit from improving the other skills involved in remixing.

btw, please list the source as it appears in the game, too. This track. This is what the judges will judge your track against. If a remix of a remix (all submission qualifications aside) doesn't keep the video game source material dominant, the remix is "too liberal" and doesn't get approved.

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