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Super Metroid (Tension/Mysterious Statue Chamber) remix

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So I decided that since I like OC ReMix so much, and since I've always been into music, that I'd start doing remixes.

Here's my take on Super Metroid's Mysterious Statue Chamber and Tension tracks (mashed together), which both are basically the same song with a few noted differences. I thought it would be neat to mix the two seeing that they were so similar. These tracks are used for the music before boss fights, mainly Kraid and the morph ball bomb chozo statue.

Source tracks:

The mix itself might be somewhat loud, but everything should be properly mixed. There is a lot of low-end bass, but nothing that should break anyone's speakers. Once I was finished and made sure nothing clipped the master channel, I bounced it to .wav and converted to .mp3 with Nero Recode. Made in Ableton Live 9 with various Kontakt instruments.

Dropbox link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/65459588/Remixes/Harmonic%20Dread.mp3

The mp3 might say it is around 5 minutes, but it is only about 3. Not sure why.

any advice would be great before I submit this, it feels 95% complete to me but there might be something I'm missing.

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Interesting song choices from this OST - the originals add a lot of dark texture to the approaches to Super Metroid's boss fights, but they don't get covered too often for remixes. I agree with Smooth4lyfe that the intro is pretty lengthy, I'd rather hear you get into those dramatic drums just after 1:00 a bit sooner, they're very effective. Shaving off as much as 30 seconds from the intro could make it too short though, so you might explore adding some more sections to the middle if you go that route.

I also found myself wishing a bit for slightly more deviation from the originals. The instruments you do this best with, I think, are the high strings, there's some nice new melodic progressions there. But the bulk of the remix has Tension's bassline going on in a fairly repetitive fashion, so maybe experimenting with the bass more here and there is something you could try. The brass in general I also found to be kind of artificial-sounding and lacking in punch and realism, so if you have access to any other samples, perhaps give those a shot.

Nice inclusion of the monstrous growls and rumblings towards the end too - makes me feel like I'm about to fight Kraid or Crocomire!

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