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  1. Great arrangement and feel, I especially like the solos. I feel like if the brass had a few more horns backing it, that it might fit in a little better, but right now it's kinda just a lone ranger. The genre you picked for this fits so well with what you have going on too. The ending could have had a better transition though, as timaeus222 said.
  2. So I decided that since I like OC ReMix so much, and since I've always been into music, that I'd start doing remixes. Here's my take on Super Metroid's Mysterious Statue Chamber and Tension tracks (mashed together), which both are basically the same song with a few noted differences. I thought it would be neat to mix the two seeing that they were so similar. These tracks are used for the music before boss fights, mainly Kraid and the morph ball bomb chozo statue. Source tracks: The mix itself might be somewhat loud, but everything should be properly mixed. There is a lot of low-end bass, but nothing that should break anyone's speakers. Once I was finished and made sure nothing clipped the master channel, I bounced it to .wav and converted to .mp3 with Nero Recode. Made in Ableton Live 9 with various Kontakt instruments. Dropbox link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/65459588/Remixes/Harmonic%20Dread.mp3 The mp3 might say it is around 5 minutes, but it is only about 3. Not sure why. any advice would be great before I submit this, it feels 95% complete to me but there might be something I'm missing.
  3. Although I don't care for the genre, it is a very good mix and it is quite dynamic. Worth a listen and definitely worth posting on the site as another great remix of the track.
  4. Hello OCR! My name is Glyphy, though I'm fine if you prefer derivative abbreviations of that (gliffy, gphy, gyf, etc). I have been a long time lurker and listener of many remixes from this site and I must say, they are impressive! I hope to be among your ranks of talented remixers. I have been part of my local music scene (cover bands) for about 6 years now, playing electric bass (5-string). I am fluent playing guitar, bass, some drums, and just about any other instrument you hand me given a few minutes I have experience writing (original and remixing/rearranging), composing, recording, orchestrating, etc. I have experience with trackers like Famitracker and Lsdj, and can learn other programs very quickly. Much of my learning has been from my dad, and he's been into doing music for about 30 years or longer. I am now working on creating a remix album on my own (that I hope to get on OCR), which mixes 2 genres: cheeriness and sweet, with tense and neurotic. Most of the project has orchestral music (violin, trumpet, clarinet, etc.), for which I use Kontakt libraries. I plan to include actual recordings from myself (bass and guitar tracks), and maybe some vocals. I'll post updates here as I complete the project. I hope to make friends, improve my music, as well as the music of others.
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