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"The Journey Vol. 1" - An original album by The Coop

The Coop

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Over the years, I've written a fair number of original songs. Some got done, some got half-way finished, and others didn't get beyond even the first 15 seconds. But I kept making them, and going back at times to work on ones that I'd started, but never finished. Oddly enough, it was while I was working on a remix last year that had way too much original stuff to be a remix anymore (for Vampire Variations III) that I finally just said the hell with it, cancelled that remix so I could make it a wholly original song, and began listening to the done and unfinished tunes I'd made in the past. I began thinking about which ones I'd like to tackle in terms of updating and/or finishing, and wound up doing not only that, but writing several brand new songs that came to me as I was working. The end result, is "The Journey Vol.1."

This is an album with music that was inspired by various parts of the novels I've been working on, covering moments that were happy, sad, and points in-between. The style of the music is basically classical or ensemble, with piano, orchestration, and even some chamber-esque music. I'm pretty proud of the end result, and can't wait to get going on Vol. 2 once I've given myself a little break (this was WAY bigger of a project than I thought it would be). You can find the album on both Bandcamp and CDBaby (link coming once it's live) for $5, with 11 main tracks and 2 bonus tracks. Here's the first single from it, "A Mother's Last Lullaby."



With that, here's a link my Bandcamp page. Hope you guys enjoy the album :)



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Thanks for the kind words, Nathaniel :-)

The piano is indeed a VST. I put a lot of time into making it expressive and ensuring that it was something two hands could actually play so it would feel more real. And while I don't want to give away the event in my novel that "Twilight March" was inspired by (it's a bit of an important plot point), I will say the the somber-ish mood of the song, its name, as well as its steady and methodical rhythm, should tell you that it's not about a happy, wanted stroll in a sun-lit park :wink:

Actually, that song has a rather long history with me, but I won't bore you with the details.

Again, thanks for the compliments.

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