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Orchestral Earthbound/Mother Medley

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Very nice start here, I'm liking the playful, relaxed feel of it. Especially from the minute mark onward, with those colorful electric piano chords and the string harmonies beginning at 1:09 and continuing up to the ending, I was loving that section and it definitely made me want to hear more.

As for suggestions, I won't say too much about the drums since you're only getting started with them, except that the hi-hats seem fairly nuanced and good so far but maybe 0:30 - 0:50 is a little too reliant on the persistent claps, which sounds a touch mechanical. Also the high brass (trumpets I think) at 0:33 sounded somewhat artificial to me, which might be intentional but is slightly odd against the rest of the more-realistic-sounding instrumentation.

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Hey Eladar! That's really excellent feedback. Thanks! I'll think about alternatives to the claps. I'm trying to capture a bit of disco flavor that Earthbound seems to have, but I agree it's maybe a bit too central to the beat.

As for the trumpets, I'm still trying to find a patch that sounds the way I want. I want a big band, punchy "hits" kind of sound, so I thought Session Horns from Native Instruments would be appropriate, but it's definitely sounding super fake. Cinebrass didn't work well either, but I have some other ideas I can try.

Thanks again! That's exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for.

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Those violins are amazing and really realistic, i personally love some fine sustain violins. May i ask what plugin/library you used for making that melody on the start?


Also as an answer to your last message, i personally love the Brass Solo from Native Instruments for horns, which i used on this for example

but haven't even tried Brass Ensemble as i don't have it, which would most likely be even more realistic for full orchestral brass library, so i advice you to check them out from the official website and also check out some reviews from youtube etc if they are the brass patch you are looking for, but don't count on my words still and get them just because i said so, i advice only to check it out if they were to be to your liking.

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