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  1. Added version 3 I think the sampled phrase is short enough and in a good spot to make the transition. So I'm not too worried about that. I am on the fence on whether I should go with v2 or v3.
  2. They're very nice banners. And the timing is uncanny. I'm just about finished with this one and was looking for my next project. Just an hour ago, I was listening to a Sonic track of a game that I've never played before.
  3. I love the feel coming off of this. If you were going for a Terminator-esque vibe, it certainly has that. There were some parts that I feel that the pulsing bass was a bit naked though. It sounds like an 80s dystopian movie score. The first section after the intro sounds great and had me expecting for something bigger that never came. That said, I think it needs a switchup in chord progression somewhere or something that gives it a grand step before the sendoff that trails off in the end. Overall, it sounds good to me but if you're still working on this, I'm looking forward to the final thing.
  4. Very nice. Certainly has the vibes of surfer rock which I think is always appropriate for TMNT. I haven't listened to a lot of metal in recent years but I do feel that the drums feel a little too weak compared to the overall mix. I'm not sure if that's a stylistic choice but I think a punchier-sounding metal kit would complement the power coming from your rhythm guitars. I agree with glasfen in that there's potential for a breakdown just screaming for a solo here. Solid work!
  5. Thanks! If you mean it's not as close to the source, then that's fine. I'm not really aiming for full 80s authenticity. It's more like I'm trying to capture the feel of 80s music if they had been recorded in the quality that we have now. That's actually the prologue theme before stage 1 slowed down to half. I probably should add that to the post.
  6. The sampling was my way of making it feel cheesy. I might de-modernize a bit more but I'm not really going for full authenticity. When you say "doesn't have huge amounts of dynamics", what do you mean? PS. Yeah, I am. Thank you! I wouldn't say I'm particularly proud of that one but people seem to like it a lot. Haha! Thank you! Would you say this one is a bit too fast for it's style? I'm thinking of slowing it down just a tad.
  7. Track has been submitted Original Post: "Yeah, it's another Vampire Killer remix. But I can't help it." Finally pushed through the block I had and got this out of it. It's another retrowave remix. This time I've take ideas from 80s cop movie themes and a bit of Michael Jackson. The initial idea was to essentially recreate the prologue as an old horror movie trailer and then Vampire Killer as a pop-ish/dance-ish cop theme. And then "Thriller" got mixed in there. It's the cheesy chip sfx break. The toms, I might redo a few parts. It doesn't sound like it's intrusive I think so I might not. But let me know if you think it is. I've made the hand-off synth during the chorus to be a more whispy/flute-like sound because I felt like was clashing with the main synth a lot. I might change it again. Let me know what you guys think. Feedback away! v2 -lowered sample levels so they just sort of sit in the background instead of being prominent during the break -replaced hand-off synth -took away some highs from main synth for warmness v3 I felt that the track needed some escalation of some kind during the second pass. Just a little to give it more variation. So I added a keytar to just play around on the side and I think I might have given the song a slightly different flavor now. I mean, I like it. But I'm not entirely sure about how to mix it in place too so I'm on the fence about whether I should keep it or not. Thoughts anyone? unmastered v1 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6MyiCdTp6ojN0MzdjZlNVRnNGs unmastered v2 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6MyiCdTp6ojUF9LRkJfUEM1b28 unmastered v3 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6MyiCdTp6ojQTAyMHJSUEtKcE0 Source:
  8. Very nice intro. I kinda wished you kept that tempo mostly because I thought it was going to be a chillout track and it kind of set that tone. Good spacing too(I could never quite get the hang of making my tracks wider). The lead seems a little too thin later on when played together with the other fuller channels. And maybe it's a personal thing for me, but I felt like I couldn't focus on it because the tempo shifts made it little too jarring for me. But your drumwork is awesome and it's something that I've taken a liking to when I first listened to your other stuff. Overall, the track is pretty solid but I feel like it needs better structuring. Awesome stuff!
  9. I like the idea. But your main brass and strings are a bit too loud when they come on. Could maybe use some steady pads(or bass?) to fill in the chorus.
  10. Very nice. Drums are a little drowned out. Not that they're too quiet but maybe they need a little more punch. And maybe up your bass a little but that's just my preference. It sounds pretty solid to me.
  11. It's certainly a very nice west-coast remix. I get the concept and what you're trying to go for, and I do like it, but it's not the kind of remix that we can usually give feedback on. At least for me anyway. There's very little room to make new arrangements in heavily-sampled hiphop remixes I think. So I don't exactly know how to give feedback for this particular style.
  12. No Problem. Can I ask what the status of the album is currently? Because I've started working on a Ninja Gaiden remix and I could send that as well when it's done if there's still time. https://soundcloud.com/justcoffee/just-coffee-no-gloves-twinbee-theme-remix
  13. Is this still an active album project? Would it be alright if I contributed two already finished tracks? One is from Contra and the other from Twin Bee. One thing though, I've already posted them on soundcloud. Is that going to cause some problems?
  14. Bump. This is pretty much the final version that I'm looking to submit. I've been reading about how to pan stuff around so sounds don't crowd around the middle. I'm still messing with the EQ but it's sounding good to me so far. I might be tilting more of the balance to the lower frequencies because of how I prefer reggae1 to have that fat and heavy vibe and leaving the rest to sit on top of it, but I'd very much like to hear what you guys think of the mix. https://soundcloud.com/justcoffee/double-dragon-2-undersea-base-remix-no-violence - link added to main post 1 (btw this is less like Bob Marley's style and has more of a "mainstream pop" feel to it)
  15. Ok, so I know we've only got a few more days until the deadline. Would anyone be willing to collaborate with me for vocals? I just need the vocals and bit more tweaking and I think my submission will be ready. I understand this probably isn't the place to ask but I figure this is where I'd hopefully get the attention of anyone who's interested in the double dragon callout. WIP thread here: So anyone interested? I hope I'm not breaking any rules for this.
  16. try this https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6MyiCdTp6ojUTJVOFFGaHpxZ00/view?pref=2&pli=1 hit play and let it load for a bit
  17. Yeah, I know what you mean. So far, I've tried a running lead up to the key change but nothing's worked for the moment. I might just leave it like that unless I stumble upon something. Thanks!
  18. This is for the callout. Original post: I focused on the arrangement first, then lyrics and vocals as I'm pretty bad at the latter two. I couldn't really do much with the source since it's just a 15 second loop but that riff is too sweet to ignore. I'm still working on it to add more elements like toms, rides, pads(maybe?) for sure but I'd like to know what you guys thought of it and also I'm taking this opportunity to invite anyone available to sing the vocals. I'm pretty bad, you'll see what I mean. Update 1: Added more elements and tweaked drums to sound more organic. Also added a pitched layer to vocals so the right notes can at least be known: singer position still open. https://soundcloud.com/justcoffee/wip-dd2-no-violence Update 2: (2/11) No vocals for arrangement critiquing purposes https://soundcloud.com/justcoffee/dd2-no-violence-no-vox Update 2: (2/14) Newest version Final arrangement (unless someone wants to provide better vocals) https://soundcloud.com/justcoffee/double-dragon-2-undersea-base-remix-no-violence Lyrics: My mind it longs for paradise Not long ago, I realise I must have no one that I'm sorry for my actions in life My anger loves my enemies And anger leads to destruction (their life in my hands) But I know I can prevent it for the peace of my mind (So I say) No violence can rule me No violence I swear No violence, control my life But violence, it finds me And violent, I can be Like fire, it burns up my life And my right to say no to a fight I understand your frustration (your love has been taken) You fight for love and you'll go (and I'll help you I know) By birth and blood we are brothers my strength is yours But words are equal in power (and can also be stronger) By force you take down their numbers (my words are a loss) Must violence be the answer My mind bears a cross (But I say) No violence can rule me No violence I swear No violence, control my life But violence, it finds me And violent, I can be Like fire, it burns up my life And my right to say no to a fight (But I say) No violence No violence No violence, control my life (But I say) No violence No violence Like fire, it burns up my life And my right to say no to a fight Source: Feel free to PM me or Skype me if you're interested in doing vocals. I would really love to submit this with better singing in time for the deadline.
  19. So chill I ended up making a little rap while listening. I love it! The vinyl scratch seems a bit too loud during the downtimes for my taste though. The mushy hats are probably because of soundcloud's standard streaming bitrate. You're fine if it sounds better playing off the file.
  20. I listened to your remix(awesome btw) and I see what you mean. I'll see about panning stuff on the later parts. As for the ending, I'm thinking of maybe gradually playing it down to a calm instead. I'm not so sure about ending it like that now that I've done too much combing through. I hope I can be confident enough in this to submit soon. Really appreciate the feedback!
  21. I've got a few ideas going on and it's probably a bad idea but would I be able to get away with naming my remix "Heliport Lover" It's the DD2 Mission 2 theme.
  22. Thank you! What do you think about the arrangement? Does it get a pass at being distinct enough from the source or too close?
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