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You're Not Alone (Final Fantasy IX) - ft. AnimeVivi


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I really like the combination of violin and guitar. This kind of fusion between rock and semiclassical is quite cool. Naturally I still have a few nitpicks though.

- There are some minor performance issues, especially in the beginning of the violin. Later on the tuning is the worst part, not only in the violin but also at the guitar. 

- I love the shaker just as much as everyone else, but more than 2 minutes of straight shaking, with no kind other kind of percussion nor variation is a bit dull. 

- The drums could use some humanization. As it is the only instrument (besides the shaker) which isn't real it kind of stands out now. 

- The voice leading of the backing violins is very awkward. You could build bridges between those note gaps. It seems like you just took the guitar voicings the backing guitar plays from 2.30 on and gave them to the violin, which doesn't really work. 

- Make sure that when you write a countermelody, it never coincides with the main lead. Luckily there are no clashes, but at 2.50 both the violin and the guitar play the same note, which makes it less effective. The last note is an exception, as unison works most of the time works best for endings like that. 

- When, at 3,15 the violin takes the lead again it would have been nice to have the backings join in with the syncopisation of the lead. It's cool how the violin plays around the main melody, and the backings could accentuate that. It would also be a nice variation of the constant guitar swiping that keeps being repeated. 


So yeah, nice mix. Good audio quality. Just keep an eye out for the things mentioned above. :) 

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