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  1. Reading along for a while made me think that it's maybe worthwhile to start a "how to keep OCR hip" threat in order to generally discuss what it is that the community wants and what they're hoping to see on this platform. I'm personally not much of a forum gal, but I do still love the whole video game remix exchange/discussion/whatever thingy that people have going on here on multiple different levels and in many different ways. However, I do also feel that it might be worthwhile to up the game on social media and such and get more involved with whatever the youngsters are doing these days. It
  2. oooh, so nice! There's a lot of great ideas in here, I liked it a lot
  3. I loved the singing. It really cracked me up and fitted the source and remix really well!
  4. As another Dutch person i thought it would be interesting to shed my light on the scene as well. Not particularly because I'm Dutch, but I find the subject to be engaging and worth talking about and also found it a nice coincidence. Like you said, there's an abundance of music at the moment and sticking out among the crowd is difficult. I agree with this. However, what I find interesting about your post are your reasons to make music. You name "the desire to express yourself" and looking for a "connection" with people. Personally, I'm a jazz artist. I used to study music composition in t
  5. While all the other points are really good, in my opinion this is the most important thing to consider when making transitions. I would personally stretch the point even further and say: "Why transition at all?" I think that there's a merit to having a transition between two (or more) songs if there's a justifiable reason to have multiple source material in the first place. And I'd assume that if there is a good reason to have multiple source materials, then it'll probably be because of a good link between the songs which makes the question kind of obsolete. I think that rather than searching
  6. Hi, I play flute! The link you posted isn't working however Could you maybe hit me up with a pm with some more specifics and details about what it is you're looking for exactly? You can find a mix I submitted to OCR here: https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03675 I'm not playing flute on that mix though, so it might not be very helpful haha. But I can send you some flute mixes of mine as well of course
  7. Thanks! I was thinking a lot about breathing and pulse and I guess indeed also the meandering of a feather as it falls down. Which sounds kinda vague and artsy now that I think about it but it was mostly meant to be relaxing and light as you said haha.
  8. Hiii, I wrote a short piano piece called "A Song About A Feather". What do you guys think?
  9. This is really beautiful, I love it! I especially appreciate the small effects such as what I assume is some kind of rolling ball effect applied in the beginning and the ending. And the seamless mix of several electronic genres, and the intricate sounddesign and the overall atmosphere and the harmonic progressions and instrumentation and everything is basically just great.
  10. Great! Then I will do that without any further ado. I would be interested in hearing those minor mastering tweaks/permutations, but I guess that I can read them in the evaluation after it goes through the jury's Thank you all for the kind words! I'll pass it all on to the musicians as well since they deserve most of the praise.
  11. Thank you! I didn't play anything, it'd be impossible to play this many instruments this well haha.. I arranged everything and I organized and conducted the ensemble.
  12. Hiiii, I did an arrangement of Zelda's Lullaby from the legend of Zelda. I'm thinking of submitting it. Any thoughts on this before I send it in? I'm not so sure about all the mixing, and there's also some minor timing issues that were difficult to solve. But generally I think it sounds cool. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpfYSyiyf2U&t=62s&frags=pl%2Cwn
  13. This. Even when I'm arranging a video game tune or a jazz standard or a whatever and the melody is already given from outside, I always first play the bass and the melody together to make sure they work. When I have two outer voices that convey the things that I want to say at that moment, it can be anything from atmospheric desert to adventurous battle theme, the inner voices fill in themselves. It can be done in many different ways, but when the outer voices run I know that I'll have a nice progression. That's the reason why things like counter motion works so well, and paralel fifths a
  14. Here's a little duet I did with myself. Most of it is improvised on the spot, everything besides the harmony and theme of course. I'm not so sure about the audio quality. It sounds decent, but also not spectacular. Same with the mixing. Any opinions on this? Original tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dhzm7HJiMA&t=92s Thank yooouuuu!
  15. Cool stuff, it reminds me of something in Super Mario Galaxy, don't know what track specifically. If you want I could record some actual flute for this, maybe add a little solo if desired. :)
  16. To move on, something else I found interesting was point 7. Because, as a composer I've found myself to be very dependent on other people since I'm mostly unable to perform and play my music myself. Not just because I don't know how to play the trombone and the violin and the vibraphone and the clarinet and the contra-bassbasoon and the whatever but also because I'm literally physically unable to play all those instruments at the same time. I know how they work, and I do play quite some instruments, but some music is just written to be played life. I mean, I'm a jazz composer, which means that
  17. Oh man, this is fantastic! I love it so much. Great bass and drum writing, and there's some cool harmony going on. I don't know the source, but I definitely love the remix.
  18. Another important thing to realize is that it's impossible to actually 'finish' a track. Music is a never-ending process, and as you progress in it your standards keep rising along with your art. Once you accept the fact that the things that you're going to make are not going to be perfect it immediately becomes easier to follow Meteo Xaviers advice to just finish your damn track because the hurdle isn't as high and the expectations for yourself are more realistic.
  19. Heeey, I wrote a song for nonet taking a large influence from video game music. Hope y'all liiiiiiiiiike it.
  20. Okay, so. First of all. I really like what you did this thing. It's al very breathy. I've heard breathy things are good for zelda. A few things that I noticed: I'd say the drums are really really busy. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing at times, but I think it's a bit much here. I think that it fits at the beginning, and is also nice for a climax kinda thingy at the solos. But, since it's busy at all times, the whole thing stays static and it kinda distracts from the rest of the song. Since you have a classic bossa bass rhythm going on, I'd recommend using a 3-2 son clave as your
  21. I love the reharmonization of the title theme at the beginning. It was done in a very subtle yet tasteful manner and totally set the scene for the rest of the track.
  22. This sounds like a really great project!! French horn is such a beautiful instrument, and I love how you're trying to expand it's current limited fieldwork. I'd definitely be interested in helping out with arrangement stuff. What's the time schedule you have in mind?
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