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A six, almost seven second pause, and at the beginning of your track even, is WAY too long. That said, your bass/piano thing overpowers practically everything, making the piece not so enjoyable. It's more an unending bass chord with some piano influences in the background.

I can't see an actual person, or band, playing this. A tango is a pretty sensual dance, bringing with it a lot of feeling. This tracks doesn't have that at all. It might sound harsh, but the track isn't going anywhere. It feels like a lot of loose notes on a heavy background, without actually sewing everything together into one whole...

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Yeah, there should really not be that long pause before the song even starts no less. You don't have to start the meat of the song, but there should be something there. Also, this... this doesn't really take many risks. By the end of it, the song feels much too repetitive to enjoy it. Other than that, the piano is much too loud yo.

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