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Are two monitors really necessary?

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I enjoy having a second monitor for every-day stuff, not just music production. I leave Winamp up on it, usually toss MSN windows over there, and it gives me somewhere to watch movies/shows while still being able to do other stuff. Definitely worth the $100 I spent on it.

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I am looking into a second monitor for editing writing actually.

I use FL Studio, so with another monitor I would put my VST's on the second one which would be very handy actually... But yeah, if you have to choose between 2 not-so-great monitors or 1 good large one, go with the good large one. On the other hand, if you can spring for 2 good monitors, they can come in handy for regular computing tasks, or music production depending on your specific DAW setup.

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n Reason it would be less useful as it was made to work on just monitor and have everything in an all-in-one view,

Whut? You do know that you can seperate the rack and sequencer views, right? Reason is pretty good with two monitors.

Your project files always had the windows seperated. I first learned about it then 0_0

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