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It's been a long time since I last posted anything on OCR; and when I used to, I was still learning a lot about MT.

After some inspiration, I composed a remix of 600 AD from Chrono Trigger.

Let me know what you think could use some work. Highs, lows, mids, clipping, etc etc.

I think the lows need a little work, but your opinions on where and what else; would be great.

The name was inspired by a few things:
The Jewel = The Pendant.
That Begot = gave rise to; brought about.
Destiny = What the party achieved.

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For some bizarre reason, Tindeck's music player doesn't load. Not in Safari, not in Firefox. Link directly to the file or use a different host, like box or dropbox.

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Sounds a little synthwave-y. Cool.

I'd look into the overall mixing, how prominent an element should be at any time. You can use both track level and EQ for that. There's that big giant low rumble during the middle part of the track, which is probably too loud. Many of the synth elements are probably too bright and might also be too loud. I'd avoid panning things, my own pan philosophy involves only panning secondary elements that are backed up by something occupying the same approximate frequencies panned opposite (eg hihat vs. shaker, piano chords vs. guitar chords). Here there are some things that seems panned arbitrarily. it's usually not a big deal on speakers, but it sounds weird on headphones.

It's a cool take on the source, new rhythms for the melody and a nice overall flow to the track. Needs a lot of mixing work though. Cool stuff.

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