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rRPC 2016 Villain Round One


rRPC 2016 Villain Round One  

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  1. 1. Yami: Dark Gaia vs Ronald Poe: Xehanort

    • Heartless
    • Gaia Carnival
  2. 2. Supercoolmike: Mithos vs Timothy William: Sephiroth

    • The Power of Angels
    • Sephiroth's Awakening

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This thread is for voting on the entries of the rRPC 2016 Villain Bracket Round One . The match ups to vote on are:

Yami (Dark Gaia) vs Ronald Poe (Xehanort)

Supercoolmike (Mithos) vs Timothy William (Sephiroth)

You may download the music here.

Please refrain from posting in this thread. If you want to post a review of the tracks for the round, please do so in a single post in the main thread for the rRPC 2016. You may vote for yourself in your own match ups. Please consider the quality of the arrangements when casting your votes, along with production value and your personal enjoyment of each mix.

Voting will be open until 9 am EDT on Monday, June 13.

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