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Ever write a bunch of music for a project, to basically be told "yeah... it's good... but it's too dark and heavy"...? Well, I have.

That's what happened with this collection I put together here a while ago (it occurred that I put it on Bandcamp but don't think I ever shared it here). The project director asked me to then write some music that wouldn't "scare the children," hence the title, heh.

It's original, but it definitely has a video gamey quality to a whole lot of it, so, enjoy. :)

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Aaahahaha, don't scare the children, indeed. Nice story to back up the album - no idea what the producers were thinking, as most of this is really quite cool and un-scary, lol.

Really solid stuff, but coming from you that's almost always to be expected, at this point. :)

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