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Paper Mario -- Tutankoopa's Theme -- Jazz Remix/Cover


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Hi guys! This is my first attempt at remixing/arranging a VGM song - I did this for InsaneInTheRainMusic's challenge, and i just wanted to share this with this wonderful community that has provided me with insight and inspiration (as a lurker) for a long time now. Below, you can find the YouTube Video of the performance.




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I will start by saying that I love this interpretation.  Good job.  I don't think the source material is anything I would have ever touched, but you have changed my mind.

And now the criticism:  I think the drums are mixed too far forward.  I cant't understand anything going on the guitar at climactic moments until it is the feature later in the arrangement.  Let the voices all have an equal say throughout the tune!

Your slapping technique is vastly different from mine and I would love to talk with you about how you do it - its super defined and I want to hear your wisdom in that regard.

- Aaron -

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Thanks for the kind words and constructive criticism, guys! I've rechecked my mix a couple of times and it's true, it could use a bit tuning down regarding levels here and there,  so instruments are more defined. Probably solved with automation, i think. 

About slapping technique, and thank you for the compliment, I've found a couple of things! - 1) For me, playing Slap bass starts with a wholesome motion using the foream and the wrist, you should be bouncing, try and think about a kick drum pedal ; 2) I'd recommend for you not to limit your slaps to the thicker strings, practice single thumb slapping on each string, focus on the percussive nature of the technique - again, bounce! Think of slap as a whole different way of using your right hand, just when you were learning how to pluck/pick  ; 3) When it comes to tone, try and be careful with mids, they could make your slap sound to harsh, but specially when it comes to popping, a mid to high action has worked the best for me ; 4)  Listen to great slapping and notice the use of ghost notes and open string passing notes -  Larry Graham, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke and Victor Wooten emphasize the attack of their progressions with interesting choices of licks that will mingle 7ths, Octaves and chromatic passages. 

Also, when mixing slap bass, fast compressors are your friends. Transient designers are great to bring out the pop out of slap too. 

Hope this helped a bit! 

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