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  1. No disrespect whatsoever to @timaeus222 but the opposite is true for me - when I am not feeling "inspired" about an arrangement or a composition, I put it down. That being said, I've heard that Chuck Close is credited with saying "Inspiration is for amateurs," which I disagree with especially because I think his stuff is (on the surface) the same thing over and over again. I recently finished 10 or so tracks for an indie game, and I flat out DIDN'T meet deadlines because I wasn't feeling inspired about some of the tracks. They weren't saying what I wanted them to say! So @DarkEco to yo
  2. Unfortunate that PS Online episodes 1 & 2 would not be covered, as the music is... pretty compelling...
  3. Yeah dude. Sent you one. If you need more examples of my work, let me know - it is mostly on my band's soundcloud, though.
  4. Bumping - please feel free to contact me if you need any instrumental work done on your tracks!
  5. Well, that only pertains to my arrangement of Meteo for the album. HOWEVER, in the original, the "da-ga-da, DA" accents happen on beat three of each measure (all 3/4 meter), which threw me off. It took me a couple listens to figure it out, so I decided to play on it, which gave birth to the current WIP that you have. In my WIP, which I can't really link here (very sorry), I keep the A sections in 4+3, with the final bars of it in 5. The B section is in 5+6 (so I actually compressed the melody by 1 beat). I have nearly decided that the C section will be in straight, easy 4/4. Soooo
  6. Yo man, in my arranging of Meteo, check this out - the B section modulates to a Lydian bII key signature. So the tonic moves up a half-step and raises the new 4th scale degree.
  7. This shit has 12 pages of content to read through...............................
  8. As a multiple woodwind specialist, I know I can't be amazing at everything unless I practice everything right in a row. So, I need to be able to play Flute, then Sax, then Clarinet all in a row and IN TUNE dear god help me. In a recording environment, I just want to go for one at a time if it aint too much trouble, then work out kinks from there. Also, I tend to write stuff that avoids my secondaries if possible. I do enjoy playing flute and clarinet, but let me tell you, you can't master everything. Actually, I can say that my woodwind playing has suffered from my brass playing. AND
  9. Anybody got that WIP Spreadsheet link? I want to hear some tracks! Did anyone get a chance to listen to and criticize the construction of my take on Meteo yet? It has to get recorded, but gimme some criticism on form and harmony and melody and pacing and anything else you want!
  10. I have to say, I just learned the McRib is made out of yoga mats, but I don't care, I still want to try it.
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