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Final Fantasy IV - A new theme for Kain Highwind? Remixed from Suspicion?

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I'm writing a story about Final Fantasy IV and Kain is one of the major characters. However, "Suspicion" is no longer fitting for him since it takes place 2 years after Zeromus's destruction. I've been trying to find a lot of songs that fit the idea of a redeemed warrior, with a bit of soberness and honor (especially a dragoon's honor). I think "Suspicion" can still be used, however, if remixed with the right tunes and instruments to create the feeling I described above. Think this is possible? I think so since the OCRemix FF4 Album's "Walk Into the Light" used "Into the Darkness," and yet had a complete opposite feel; one of best songs in the album, too.

I would very much love to have a song like this just for Kain. I've looked around on Youtube and other places, and the song I like best is from Chrono Cross called "Dragonrider" and yet it is still a little too upbeat for what I'm imagining.

Is my description of the feeling (redeemed warrior with a bit of soberness and honor--dragoon's honor) sufficient?

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