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WIP (Pacifism) Undertale - Hopes And Dreams


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This is a heavy Hopes And Dreams project I'm working on for fun, but also to learn the proper ways of recording/mixing to get a nice smooth tone and clear instruments. I didn't want to deviate from the style of the original because it's so pretty, but at the same time I wanted to play it myself and give it a louder feel. Feedback is much appreciated, and please let me know if I've made any mistakes so far.



Remix v2:



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Really nice crunchy tone in this. I think the electric violin would make a nice addition.

My main criticism would just be that the elements could be better mixed. It feels very low and low mid heavy to me and it really weighs down the rest of the mix. I'm a bit of a stickler for clean sounds and this isn't the type of music I listen too much so I'm sure you could find examples mixed in this way but to me with a piece that has such a heavy emphasis on melody you really want it to shine through.

Overall though I think its a nice recreation, very well rounded in terms of arrangement  and performance, good job.

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