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  1. If anyone's available, can I get a review of my Sector Y track? I've moved on to other projects in the meantime to give myself a break, but some criticism or even suggestions on how to improve it would get me back on track and be extremely helpful. Anyone's opinion is welcome.
  2. Irrelevant to the track, but about the drum samples; Do you have any general tips when it comes to programming drums to make them sound better/more realistic? I'll add reverb and flanger every once in a while and try to humanize them with different velocity intensity, but what else would you recommend?
  3. That seems to be a thread from 2012 that nobody collaborated on. I'm not sure the owner would even be interested anymore.
  4. On topic with this, I blasted out some reviews today, typos and all, but my message limit is 5 per day. So if someone WANTS me to review their new wip, let me know and I'll do it next.
  5. All, Just wanted to bring a quick update for anyone interested. I've been a bit inactive like a lot of you due to normal work/relationship things that get in the way. I've also recently upgraded my Studio One DAW which BROKE my Star Fox tracks. Well I finally got enough motivation & time to sit down and reinstall the old version and all my licenses FINALLY got it back to working condition! I'm doing some editing tonight and will hopefully have a new WIP for people to judge within a few days. Please get in my inbox if I don't, as the pressure will help me finish something in time. A little bit of effort ended with a lot of progress for me, so I urge anyone struggling with time or frustration - let me (or anyone else) know if we can help. Even if its just a reminder of what can be accomplished. Thanks everyone, I'm going to continue working now.
  6. I can do guitar or bass for you. I am not sure which part of your clipped wings track you want done though. Point that out and what file type you want it in and I'll send you a sample?
  7. This. I'm not proud of my work so far so it's been difficult getting back to it. But I really want to impress thanks to messages like this.
  8. Perfect. In that case, I keep my recommendations but also add that I really like the bass line that's more isolated at the end of the track, but I didn't notice it throughout. Boost that a db or two, or fiddle with eqing the leads a bit lower in volume. The highest highs are a bit piercing I'm guessing around the 2 khz -5 khz range and that overwhelms the rest of the track. I like to listen to my music loud and I'm not able in this case. It's mostly a case of variation and balancing issues right now so it seems close to being done.
  9. Just did and I like what I hear. It's a good foundation and the chosen sound effects remind of space and lasers, so they fit well. When though it's electronic, I'd prefer a bit more variety in the drums/beat fills, especially when the second verse repeats. I feel like a simple changes there would give it a bit more life. Listening on phone speakers, the bass drum also sounds quite weak when it should be carrying the rhythm but that may just be my speakers. I'll give it another listen later today and edit my response.
  10. Thanks for the offer. Do you guys have any tools that display the midi file properties as it's being played, showing you the notes? I've been working most of mine out by ear but Sector Y is tricky. Great work so far. I really love the crashy synth starting at 0:25.
  11. Sorry for being busy right and and not looking it up, but someone was looking for the andross midi. Is this it? http://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/star-fox-snes-/28-boss-last-boss-andross-.mp3 Apologies if linking is a problem.
  12. I vote on the voiceover as well. And to get things started, I guess you can put my name down for Sector Y. Are there any arrangement preferences or genres I should follow?
  13. This may be quite generalized and vague, but in a lot of electronic and dubstep music, bass synths are able to smoothly shift tone and pitch during the drop. Not just in volume or speed, but actually transition into different notes, like a raising siren right before the drop or a bass sample that's modulated to lower over time. So my question is how is this accomplished? I use StudioOne and Audacity and am able to change the pitch of a sample at a certain point marked by the cut tool, but not gradually shift it in any direction. I can think of plenty of examples of this, so if I'm not being clear I can give links to the sound I'm trying to achieve. An example of something I'm NOT looking for is at 0:50 in this track, where I was able to keep each sample static on a different note, but not dynamically sliding into another. This is all I'm able to figure out on my own. Any help will be much appreciated.
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