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Sequence Breaker: An Original Metroid Tribute, out 8/8 on Tiny Waves!

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Happy 30th birthday, Metroid!!  I've been working for the last half year on a few original tracks to pay homage to one of my favorite series in the most unique way I can.  The tracks heavily emulate the sound choices of Metroid Prime, my favorite game in the series, to give the listener something familiar but also something new.  Thanks for listening :)

From the album notes:
" "Sequence Breaker" is my personal love letter to the Metroid series, encapsulating the wonderment inspired by the striking beauty of the games' environments and introspective storytelling. The soundscapes in each track were chosen - and often created from scratch - to heavily emulate the music from Metroid Prime, my favorite game in the series, while keeping each piece unique to me as a composer. Every melody, chord progression, and percussive hit was crafted with a deep love, and I truly hope you enjoy this impassioned tribute to an amazing series as much as I enjoyed creating it! 

Each original composition was inspired by specific pieces, moments, environments, or characters in the Metroid series. Some are fairly overt, others less so. Since creating a consistent and enveloping atmosphere is so crucial to the series' emotional conveyance, each track was designed with the same sense of sentient world-building. My goal was to enable the listener to create their own narrative as the album progresses, walking through familiar worlds or exploring new ones in their mind's eye. 

Above all else, this release is a gift to Metroid fans everywhere, including myself. Please enjoy the first installment of what will assuredly be an ongoing project, with many more releases in the future!"


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I said it earlier, but man, this is your best work yet! You definitely nailed the Metroid vibe, while still retaining your highly-percussive style. You've also really improved on your orchestral work in general, relying less on well-written percussion and presenting a more balanced package overall. It does seem like the percussion parts might have been the thing that significantly kept your inspiration going to write such long tracks (I usually have a hard time writing something longer than 4 minutes by myself), but hey, it worked out. :D

I think my favorite track is "Sentinel", as it had a great balance between atmosphere and compositional merit.

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Thanks a lot dude!  The percussion in the Metroid Prime OST is very much at the forefront of its tunes as a result of all its unique timbres, so it seemed like a natural fit for me to try to emulate.  It definitely wasn't easy and I really had to push myself, but overall I'm really happy with how things turned out.  

I have to agree that the execution is probably better on the other two tracks than on the opener.  Hatchling is such an ambitious track, I really wish I had more time to sit with it and massage it a bit more to smooth out pieces of the structure and round the edges on some of the percussion.  But hey, at least I've got loads of thematic material to work with for future installments!

Even considering the deadlines and unfortunately having to rush things a little toward the end, I'm very happy with how all the tracks turned out.  This has been by far the most personally fulfilling music I've ever released, and I'm looking forward to doing more Sequence Breaker releases in the future :)

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