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Faerie Trap (Faerie Cave Remix)


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Hi Nayasis!

I just listen to your piece, and here's what I noticed that you could improve:

  • The first part with the plucked instrument sound out of tune. It probably comes from your sound, so try to correct it with your plug-in, or use another sound. It is really offsetting.  
  • There is at least one note out of place (in the "coolfreakinotherlead" pattern I think), around measure 23, and it can be heard every time this pattern is played.
  • Overall, your arrangement is long and repetitive. You add some samples from time to time but it is not sufficient to keep the listener (at least me) hooked. The song you cover is short, so it a challenge to keep things interesting. You could try to change sounds again, add new layers from time to time, change tonality... Or even add drops, solos (maybe it's not the style...), or part of other songs in it. Right now, it just feels like you put a drum pattern over the original song played with different instrument. During 4 minutes. You can do better than that!

I really want to help you, so don't take any of what I said the wrong way, (I know how bad criticism can be taken). Keep writing and have a nice day!

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Agreeing with JulienMulard on all points.

I do like the "listen" drop/sound effect around 1:10 and 3:00. For repeating SFX, you might try modulating them or changing the rhythm to work in other themes or musical phrases (imagine if the second SFX played the "secret" tune). That alone would add some depth to the track.

Other than JM's notes, I think it's a solid base for additional instrumentation, even lyrics. See Solace as an example.

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Lots of props for taking such a short song and trying to extend it out to 4mins. 

I feel like some of your samples are really low and not the best quality. Your cymbal crash at 1:53 just doesn't have the power I think you're trying to go for. The voice SFX is really kind of distracting. Ultimately I feel like the song wants to build to some climax, but I never get that sense that it reaches any kind of apex. Just kind of stays on the same level, which works if you add vocals like the above have mentioned, but on its own it probably needs some more instrumentation.

I do like the part where Navi comes in during your transition at 1:06-1:07. Got a grin out of me. Lol I also think your EQ of the instruments you have right now is pretty solid, so I don't think you'll need to tweak too much there.

All in all, it's chill. Look forward to seeing what comes next!

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I wasn't sure where this was going when I first turned it on, but after hearing the whole thing, I like this a lot. As Starphoenix said, this is pretty chill. Your style reminds me of Jose the Bronx Rican, another ReMixer on this site. Got a chuckle out of me too for the Navi cameo. :)

Not much to say that hasn't already been said. My main complaint is the length and the repetitiveness; however, I think the track's greatest asset is the drum style and your choice of instruments (aside from the off-key synth at the beginning). I like the panning of the sounds and I think the EQ and mixing is pretty good. My intuition tells me you need a breakdown or a bridge somewhere to break up that repetition, giving the track something or somewhere to build to.

Great interpretation, not easy with a 15 second loop. Looking forward to what comes next.

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