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  1. Hey guys, it's been a minute since I did posted anything to the board. Working on this track and want to get feedback/ideas/critiques on the arrangement. This song is my current canvas for practicing some music theory stuff, but my ear isn't the best catching when harmonies and chords are 'off'. This is half the track so far; and the last 10 seconds of the song is just placeholder vomit to close what I have off. Appreciate it everyone!
  2. Hats off to both of you. These are two AMAZING tracks that remind me exactly why I was excited to see this competition return! @Jamphibious The saw stab chords gave off a dark, almost JSR vibe. Production is tight, and both sources are easy to pick out in the arrangement. Absolutely love this track! @Garpocalypse When the intro kicked in it felt like the opening level to a 90’s arcade beat-em up game. This song has been on repeat the past couple of days! Cannot really give much in the way of feedback. Voting was very, very difficult. Great job, peeps!
  3. No idea what my schedule will look like in 2019, but I’m interested. Put me down for Mario Kart 8’s Sunshine Airport.
  4. Congrats to Jam on a track well done, and all the other Protomen that advanced! You guys produced some solid tracks this round, and I look forward to the next! Any additional feedback I can put towards my track for the final release is appreciated (I'll work on the clipping issues, Garpocalypse). Just shoot me a PM, or something. If anyone has an itch to tackle the Grenade Man theme, let me know. Might be game for a friendly, depending how my schedule shakes out the next week or two. Going to dive into Round 3's entries this weekend and leave reviews.
  5. Hope everyone has fun with the source! I’ll work on getting a bonus entry up by the deadline.
  6. Great job Protoman Bracket! A lot of great mixes. Unfortunate that Gario and Realme had to drop. Very brief thoughts: Groove Bomb - You never disappoint when it comes to Mega Man compo tracks! Have always loved your stuff, and Groove Bomb is no exception. Great job combining both sources, especially the accenting you did around the 1:41-1:53 mark. Love it! Grenade Powered Locomotive - Had a lot of fun and frustration creating this track. Originally my goal was for something reminiscent of Txai-style swing jack, but it never really developed. Still, much more pleased with this showing compared to my last compo... Planet Killer 2019 - Holy darkwave, Batman. Once the 0:40 mark hit, my fists were pumping like a madman while waiting for my Tron bike to show. Tengu Man is clearly identifiable throughout the track, but at points I struggled hearing Top Man. Not as familiar with his theme, so it might just be me. Production is killer. Great job! Unbalanced - Honestly thought it was game over coming off Garp's track, but you held your own. Could pick out both themes pretty easily. Track is a little static throughout, and the drums could probably afford to be moved a little farther back in the mix. Still, awesome job man. Glassy Haze - Arrangement really sounded like two MIDIs crammed together. There was also some disharmony happening at points. Think it might have been the bells? Frozen Sky - A lot of really great ideas in here. Though I'm not as familiar with MM7's Robot Master themes, each theme is identifiable, so I can hear where you're trying to take them. Good job.
  7. Track has been submitted. Have a love/hate relationship with this track. Look forward to hearing how Jam utilized both of these sources!
  8. My track will be posted closer to the submission deadline. Not really happy with the way certain parts sound, and need to still create an outro... All in all, will have something tonight. Look forward to hearing the rest of the tracks.
  9. Maaaan, I called getting matched up against one of the mods. haha Good luck to Jam and the rest of the mixers this round. Hopefully we can all put together some solid mixes for this round. Looking forward to hearing from the Mega Man bracket!
  10. As someone who has recently been in the category (may still be) of "barely play a coherent phrase", the feedback I have received from the WIP board and random mixers have been extraordinarily helpful in learning musical concepts I would not have figured out on my own otherwise. The only problem is this forum tends to be rather inactive.
  11. Going to echo the same sentiment as others here: even if you don’t have much of anything, still submit anyways. Better to at least have something to show for than nothing at all.
  12. Holy cow guys, I knew my mix was muddy, but not THAT muddy. Something exploded on export (the perils of frantic late night adjustments). I’ll try to send a cleaner version once voting is over, if for no other reason than posterity.
  13. Remix is almost done. Just need to finish the outro this weekend and see if I can flesh out the second movement, if I have time.
  14. Bumping this out a week gives me time to finish a different mix, so I’m okay with that. Also okay with the alternating bracket — makes it easier for voting.
  15. Dude, I'm loving this longer period too. Half of my track is already done, and I'm very, very pleased with the end result. I'll definitely have something up by the submission date.
  16. Hooboy. Looking forward to the mixes that will come out of this compo. GRMRB always provides good stuff. 1. Grenade Man 2. Stone Man 3. Gyro Man
  17. Some of the timing is off on the notes too, but for what I want to do that shouldn't be too big of an issue. Since we have a longer mixing period this time around, should be ample time to get something nice out.
  18. Holy crap. Absolutely love this track. I’ll definitely try and get something out this round.
  19. My participation is often guided by whether my available time and interest in the source intersect. Lately that hasn’t happened. I’ll jump into the next round if the source is something I can work with (I need more arrangement practice).
  20. Anytime I see Secret of Evermore, you have my attention. Great source selection! On the production side of things, there isn't a lot of mud, which is really nice. Utilizing some more reverb and panning will help this mix tremendously. The synth arp that comes in at 1:03, in particular, would be nice if you either panned some of the notes or added slight delay effect with a pan. Arrangement wise... You have interesting ideas, but everything plods along too much and suffers from a lack of dynamic range. 1:50-3:18 doesn't fit with the rest of the arrangement for a track being billed as synthwave. Try introducing different synth instrumentation into that section, or consider scrapping everything altogether and reworking it into something new. That's your creative call. Check out Jorito's recently posted track or sift through some of Sir_NutS' catalog for good synthwave inspiration from within this community. You have a decent base thus far. Look forward to your future update!
  21. Made some minor updates to the track. Brought out a couple of parts that I wanted emphasized at certain points in the arrangement. Further feedback always welcomed.
  22. Just a quick word: if I cannot produce a decent WIP for the Boss B track here in the next couple of weeks, I'm letting go of the claim in case anyone else wants to give it a go.
  23. I'm not familiar with the meme, but that doesn't stop me from appreciating this mix. This is a nice deviation from your usual style! For a style like this, personally, for an EDM track, your drum kick should be stronger. Sounds like some of the low end is being rolled off, or it's not being sidechained enough. Similarly, the drops around 0:43-0:46 & 2:27-2:30 are kind of weak, but this issue is probably tied with the kick not having enough oomph. Still, love the creativity you've shown with this mix. Good job.
  24. Appreciate it man! Going ahead and bumping this up for review. No better way to receive feedback then by actually asking.
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