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Music for a horror film (student film project)

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I tried my best to compose the score to a little horror production called „Sarah”, a short film (18-19 min) produced by film students from all departments about a series of murderous events around a remote cabin the woods. It was executed for educational purpose only; nobody involved got any money. The film is to be released online after an initial promotion phase for short film contests, festivals etc.

However, I am eager to get some early feedback on the music, especially some hints concerning the mix and the overall sound. Is it realistic enough? If not, what sucks the most? Of course, there were no real accoustic instruments involved. Fell free to tel me what you think about it. :) Maybe you'll recognize the major motif (a falling fourth/tritone shift) here or there. ;)


Best regrads


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Although the story of the movie sounds a bit conventionell and boring to me the soundtrack has some nice potencial.

Some of the tracks have some nice elements of former Alone In The Dark and Resident Evil games. ))

And of course it's no crime to use synths and digital effects instead of realistic orchestrations for horror soundtracks.
It's mostly about the atmosphere you can create - and in the case of horror soundtracks you can really sow your wild oats as a passionate and creative sound designer.

Just do your best to keep your listeners poopin' unbearable bricks of fear 'n' despair. ;D

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