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[Evaluation] Sewer Surfin (from Turtes in Time) Remix

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Hello everyone.

It's been a really long time since I posted a remix here but I'm really into this project at the moment and would love some feedback, It's a remix of this track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMPYCfZgkcA

My main concerns are that the arrangement is too crowded and parts don't vary enough (eg the drum and the bass stay fairly static). I've yet to really polish the mix but I think there's some writing issues to be addressed before I do. People often tell me my structures are too repetitive, and while I think there's some leeway to be made for a dance song I'm quite conscious of that issue here. 


Here it is: 

Thanks for taking the time listen, any feedback is appreciated.




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Well, I'll say this first - when things pick up at 0:36 I can hear what you're going for, and I can say that it's really fun. The kitch style going here can work, though there are a few areas that I suggest improving before submission.

The beginning section leading up to 0:36 leaves a lot to be desired. That exposed saw will turn listeners off before they get to the meat of the track. If nothing else, starting the track at 0:05 (when some of the accompaniment comes in) would help grab listeners. I understand the stacking of textures building up to the meat of the track, but it takes a little too long to get there. You could likely cut that in half and get similar results, and it'll keep the listener engaged longer.

When things are all in place, the drums don't quite punch through enough. The bass sounds pretty cool, but that snare doesn't have any presence. Perhaps a slightly longer cutoff, a little reverb on the drum set, some volume, etc., will help give it some presence. The hats form a good deal of the track's drumming variety, so it's important that they're mixed a little louder, as well. Overall, the set needs to be mixed louder in this - it really defines the track.

The synth choice you go far can work, and I hear the stereo spreading you utilize to give it more depth - the effort goes a long way to help. The guitar part, while fitting, sounds thin and lacks any presence. From what I hear, it also periodically doesn't land with the rest of the synths (like from 1:02 - 1:04). The timing of the guitar part needs to be tightened up, though the tone of it is alright.

The production doesn't have too many issues on it that I can hear. There's one or two moments where it gets a little crowded (like at 0:58), but that's pretty negligible. You're in pretty good shape, on that front. The ending really just cuts off on a cliffhanger, though. Even one more chord to finish it off would've been better (though there are certainly better ways to give it a proper ending than that). Give it a proper ending!

I like it, but I think it'd be sent back with a NO/RESUB vote if it were submit today. Hopefully some of the advice here helps you brush it up as needed, though, since it IS a fun little track.

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