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Kokiri Forest Jig (Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time)


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Ok so this is the official debut of my group The Travelers, a supergroup of some amazing musicians and arrangers (including the likes of Doug Perry, Mklachu, Jordan Chin, Ian Martyn, just to name a few) who play Euro-folk arrangements of game music. I had the pleasure of being able to arrange Kokiri Forest into an Irish Jig style and to feature my awesome group The Travelers. I combine Traditional Irish music with what most would call modern, contemporary Irish styles (kind of like you hear from Mumford and Sons). Anyway, I really would love feedback on the piece from all of your great remixers out there ;).


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On 10/1/2016 at 7:23 PM, Greymanz said:

This is a very nice arrangement. Is this sampled or is it recorded? If it's sampled, I'd like to give extra props to how real this sounds. If it's recorded, thanks for taking an extra mile most ReMixers won't take. I'd love to see more ReMixes done like this, it sounds so nice!

Thank you Greymanz! I am really glad you enjoyed it! To answer your question... this arrangement contains mostly live recordings. The ocarina and accordion are both VST but everything else you hear is played live by a member of my band The Travelers. We are doing a full album that will be released this Winter just before Christmas.

As for ReMixes, I always will do live or non at all. I'm old fashioned that way and besides I am a quality over quantity guy ;). And I find people enjoy the live stuff more so I have to give the people what they love!

This is the site where you can get all the info about the album and updates :)!


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