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  1. Hello, my name is Grey or Greymanz, whichever you prefer. I'm a huge videogame nerd and I plan to go into videogame development in the future, and for that I want to be able to know all forms of art so that it doesn't end up costing a ton in the future. Despite not knowing anything about making music or even knowing an instrument, I've really loved learning about all of this by simply listening and researching on the random things I want to do. I so far am loving listening to the stuff posted in Workshop and have been working hard to produce a well made critic for every new post that I can. I
  2. The only thing I'd really add to V5 is a sort of guitar buildup in the intro. I totally get what you are trying to do with the beginning, but with how it's almost an exact rip of the game it might turn some people away because it's so misleading that people don't know what the song actually is. Maybe a slow buildup of the distorted guitar in the background would help break up that feeling of it being too samey and hook people in at the start. Other than that this mix is gold, after the next few versions I'd say to give it an eval, because this track is really close to being a great song on OCR
  3. I love when someone has the ability to record their music instead of using samples/soundfonts. Provides such a nice feel. Some parts of this felt a little abrupt, almost as if some of the instruments were out of sync. Mainly at 0:05 I can hear the piano clashing in beat with the drums and guitar, which takes my focus away from the song. I still think that you did a great job on this, maybe with a bit of audio editing you could submit this to OCRemix, though I don't know if that's your intentions or not. Great work!
  4. The high pitched instrument hurts my ears tbh. Maybe make it slightly less high pitch, then it would sound much better.
  5. I'd have to agree on the overuse on SFX in this. Other than that, this version is a big improvement. It'd be neat to add a higher pitched instrument to compliment the later parts, this may sound odd but have you tried a Distortion Guitar? I don't know how well it would fit but just introducing a new instrument later in the song could add a ton of originality.
  6. This is a very nice arrangement. Is this sampled or is it recorded? If it's sampled, I'd like to give extra props to how real this sounds. If it's recorded, thanks for taking an extra mile most ReMixers won't take. I'd love to see more ReMixes done like this, it sounds so nice!
  7. This track is impressive. I'd say just give it an eval, because I can't find much wrong with it at this point, but maybe an Evaluator could, not sure. I like how it's not just one mood, the song shifts so many times from beginning to end, which is really neat.
  8. Hey all, this is my first ReMix on here. Any criticism you can provide is appreciated.
  9. So I just tried using samples in my music for the first time, only to find out I have zero clue how to use them. Whatever I make is garbage, I cant get a simple instrument out of the songs provided for the life of me. I want to take a muted trumpet sound from an old 1920's song I got with a sample pack, but it just isn't working. My second issue is that I cant figure out for the life of me how Reaper even works. Ive been using LMMS this whole time, and in Reaper I cant seem to find anywhere any means to even use a sf2 file. I need help with all of this, I expected to have a fun time lear
  10. Good remix! It feels like it needs a central instrument line to be the focus. Nothing really pops out, every instrument is smooth so in your ears it kind of blends together. Maybe change one of the instruments to have more bass or something? I hope I could help, im pretty new here.
  11. Hello, completely new here. Fell in love with this community the moment I laid eyes on it. I have some questions before I start trying to make a sweet ReMix here. 1.) Are soundfonts acceptable to use for remixes as long as they aren't standard? I personally am getting used to using the OmegaGMGS2 soundfont, as a lot of the samples included are prerecorded and not compressed. However, I notice that everyone on here mostly uses samples, (which I have questions for as well). 2.) How limited is the FL Studio demo compared to something like LMMS? I have zero money to put forward to get a
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