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Persona 5 - Battle Theme (Last Surprise) - Funk Rock Cover/Remix


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I love when someone has the ability to record their music instead of using samples/soundfonts. Provides such a nice feel. Some parts of this felt a little abrupt, almost as if some of the instruments were out of sync. Mainly at 0:05 I can hear the piano clashing in beat with the drums and guitar, which takes my focus away from the song. I still think that you did a great job on this, maybe with a bit of audio editing you could submit this to OCRemix, though I don't know if that's your intentions or not. :P

Great work!

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Thanks for the kind words! I see what you mean about the sync in some instruments. I try to keep editing to the minimum when making this covers, as I play all instruments live and I want to preserve that semblance of "live" performance, but that one moment you mentioned is perfectly understandable, it does stick out! Thank you for the critique and the good faith, will try to be more careful with my timing next time! 

I'd like to submit something for revision to OC remixes sometime soon, thanks! 

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