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Louie's Rush for pep band (from Sonic Rush)


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So, been playing a lot of Sonic Rush lately. Pretty fun, and I'm really digging the music.

Those who've played it may have noticed the similarity of the Water Palace music ("Back 2 Back") to the bane of many pep bands, "Louie Louie". Well, it's my bane, anyway.

So, I've spent way too much time this weekend trying to adapt Hideki Naganuma's version of Louie Louie for marching band (adding in a bit of the title theme, "A New Day", as well). I've sort of got what I want for the wind parts, notewise. Listen to it below.

Clips of original songs for reference:




Right now it's really falling flat of capturing the energy of the original. I'm chalking that up to the fact that I have no articulations, dynamics, or percussion at the moment. I hope! However, let me know what you think of what I've got so far. (I'd post a WIP score, but I know that the ranges on a lot of the instruments aren't exactly realistic... I don't quite have ranges memorized for non-low-brass instruments yet, so I have to check them against a reference I have. I'll post a score hopefully later in the week.)

This is going to be my third addition to a collection of video game songs I'm adapting for marching/pep bands. (The second is the Metal Mario theme, which I haven't put up a WIP for yet.) My goal is to arrange a bunch of them by the time next fall rolls around, so you guys who are in marching bands can download PDFs of the score and individual parts, and can convince your band to play some video game music at football games (or basketball or whatever). You can check out my site where I've got an arrangement of Katamari on the Rocks already posted, below.


Hope you like what I've got so far!

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