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  1. The cake is a lie. http://blue-bomber.jvmwriter.org/community/index.php?showtopic=94&st=175&gopid=22448entry22448 Saw you registered on the new forum, wanted to spread there as well. Happy birthday!
  2. I'm feeling it, man. Only thing I would really say is to add some more into, it sounds bare as is. And the snare sounds really weak/not fitting for the song, IMO. Yeah, other than that it just sounds bare. Add some atmosphere and/or synth strings maybe? Maybe let the kicks last longer, they seemed to fill in some gaps. Keep working on it, I'd like to hear some more, homes.
  3. I don't know what to say, because everything you really should have read has been posted already. All I can say is don't give up. There are times where we all doubt ourselves, but you can do so much if you just keep at what you're doing. Don't believe in yourself. Believe in us who believe in you.
  4. Done. That was interesting. You don't usually think of things like that when you're playing.
  5. Shoot, I never got an invite to OiNK. Oh well, my main man Fuzzy Slippers will get me my obscure and hard to find stuffs.
  6. Hmm... Me likey. I was wondering... The little pattern you start at 1:19 or so. Do you think that to 1:29 would be a good intro for the song? Maybe that's just me, it just seems like it takes too long to get into some original stuff. Yeah, probably just me. Keep on with it, dude. I'd lend vocals, but I don't think I could fit this.
  7. I believe this is like an info exchange point, like those tack boards with lists of various jobs and such on them: you leave your info and then people can have easier ways to search out talent for their musical happenings. I think this is an awesome idea, I'm already registered as Syl. This'll really get people connected if we take advantage of it. Sorta like Collab... though I never used that. >_> Great idea, guys.
  8. Yeah, not bad for your first song, dude. Simple instruments, but I like direction you're taking with this. - Parts like 2:53 sound really epic, make the synth strings swell up to that point, like everything is going to build up. - The intro percussion is weird... Dunno, doesn't really fit. This isn't bad at all, it's just really simple, IMO. But I likes it. I say keep working with it, possibly play with some other sounds.
  9. Hey, all. Here is a remix of the Mega Man Legends 2 Mother Zone, which I dubbed "Sera's Emotions". For those not familiar with the source... http://www.legends-station.com/mml2/mp3/MML2-ElysiumMother.mp3 I started out with just wanting the original to repeat, then to hop right into a techno remix of this. What entailed is not what I expected, and I basically changed my whole look on the song by the time I got to the recording. With this, first you'll hear the original play once, and then again, but this time with my (shitful) electric guitar playing. I'm pretty horrid on the guitar, I know. Next, the song comes into the techno transition I mentioned before... but only for a while. Then it starts to get fresh, going into a 16 bar keyboard solo. After that is a alto sax solo, which finishes the "song" off. Lastly is a clip from the game's final boss (this song is the zone that comes before her). Nothing special, really. This was a request for a used to be friend, so I tried to give some fan-service for him. I hope you enjoy. I started this as a project to pass the time, turned out to be something kinda decent, IMHO. C+C is always welcome. Note that I don't plan on trying to make this an OCReMix, production on this is particular piece is finished. I still would love to hear what others think of it in an unbiased light. Thanks for your time, the song is below. Sera's Emotions /GX
  10. Manually work with FPCs, is my suggestion for percussion. It may sound a bit mechainic at first, but you'll be able to get it to swing. /GX
  11. Believe me, I'm a big Mega Man fan, especially of the X series. I wasn't able to pick out anything at all. Maybe Blizzard Buffalo's theme.... But barely. I'm sure YOU can pick them out, no problem. I'm not hearing Gravity Beetle's theme at all. I caught Zero's this listen though. To tell the truth, it doesn't sound too much different from last time. Maybe that's just me. /GX
  12. Very unoriginal is right. And this is short as hell. 1:20 isn't cool, homes. The kicks sound flat, IMO. This is just really repetitive and uninspiring. And just when you think it's gonna turn into something decent, it hits the 1:20 mark. Nothing too original about this. I don't mean to tear you down. With some more work, and some more original content in it, it can be more enjoyable. Don't give up on it. /GX
  13. Don't blame the time you've had with a program on any shortcomings. Everything sounds like it's at the same volume, and barely panned. The drums sound generic and not really that varied, and the lead feels too loud sometimes. This gave me a headache... The solo is nice, I'll give you that. Volume is the main issue. Fix that, and some better sounding drums would be nice. And then I think this would have a chance up against the Judges. Good luck. /GX
  14. The intro is pretty bad. Well, actually, like the first 4 seconds. It just feels like you're playing a wrong note, or the notes aren't syncing up right, or something... Maybe that's just me. I'm actually feeling this (I'm listening to lo-fi so I can't really say if something something low quality. I can't remember my login info. >.>), especially when the toms come in. It actually all starts to come together near the 2:30 mark, give or take. The synth that takes the lead at 2:52 or so sounds good, and the violin was unexpected. It sounds good, but maybe a bit too repetitive. I was gonna say they'd shoot this down real quick, but this turned out to be pretty good. Keep tweaking some stuff, maybe throw some more percussion changes in it. With some fixes, I can see this passing. /GX
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