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  1. I love the music for the MMZ series, and I think it would be awesome if someone actually ReMixed one of the best songs in the series. Of course, it's just a suggestion.
  2. Regarding the writeup--- Wholesome, yes. Family friendly, yes. But have you looked at the unmoderated forum latley? The stuff in there is most certainly not wholesome! Any way, this is great! Happy music makes the soul rejoice! The lyrics are great, the vocals are great, the pads, guitar, everything! And Pixietricks, you're a good singer! Not many girls nowadays can actually sing. This is totally solid. Evilride
  3. Yeah! We've been needing a new Sonic ReMix for a while now, and this one came at with the perfect feel. Lyrics, a good organ, piano, beat, and strings. It's just awesome! Synths: 10 Drums: 10 ReMix quality: 10
  4. Hmmmm.... It's pretty good, the array of sound effects is very nice, with a soft cathcy synth line, and smooth fairly realistic sounding strings. The one thing I don't like about this is how soft everything is. The original is faster, and the synths are A LOT more powerful, I find that making it into a soft song causes it to sound kinda lame. Also, it never reaches much of a crescendo, it stays soft. At one point it sounds pretty powerful, but that effect vanishes too fast. A great ReMix, worth the download. Synths: 10 Beat: 7 ReMix value: 10
  5. Eh, all I hear is the same thing over and over again. The beat is great, the sound effects are awesome, but it just does the same thing the whole song. It doesn't have much ReMix value in my opinion, and is WAAAAYYY too repetitive. It also sounds a little empty at certain parts, such as when it hits the chorus section. Try adding some long string-type sound effects, and cut the lenth down a bit. It's a great ReMix, but you gotta work on it a bit. Keep at it
  6. Ooh, this is nice. I normally don't go for this kind of stuff, but DANG, this is good. It's a good song for if you're sad, or if you want to calm down for some reason. I like how it sounds all echo-ish for the piano thing, I think that's a cool effect. Definitely try to get this posted, it's awesome.
  7. Sorry, but this needs a lot of work. The drums are too quiet, the reverb-click type sound at the beginning is WAY too loud(This should be fixed if you turn the drums up), and like pu freak said, it sounds a little empty. Try adding some string style sound effects in the background, a deep pounding bass wouldn't hurt either, but you don't have to do either one if you don't want to. It sounds great to me, it reminded me a lot of some songs by Orbital. I haven't heard the music from that game, but I suggest you add a little more original stuff, it might sound a bit better that way. Also, the drums are a little too simple. Keep what you've got for them, the beat is awesome, just add some additional sounds for percussion. A good one would be a snare rim hit. This is actually a great ReMix, I started bopping my head to the beat, but it needs a bit of work. Keep at it
  8. That's what I'm going for. This should turn out great, I might just be done tomorrow. Prolly not, but it'll be that much closer to being done.
  9. Don't worry, you have been helpful. A lot of people already have said that it's too much like the original, so I've added a ton of new stuff. What I've got now sounds infinitely better than what it was before, but I'm still tweaking it a bit. I should have a new version up in a bit.
  10. Ooh, you got the funk man! This sounds great! I personally think that some of the stuff that was before :14 sounded a little bland, and some of the sounds in that section were a little too fuzzy. It also could be a lot longer. Besides that, this is great!
  11. Oh, and I checked the Volume on the guitar at :53. It stays the same, but I think I know what you mean. Should I just turn the bg guitar down a bit? And It doesn't slow down at the end, it sounds like that because everything cuts off but the drums. Or are you talking about the chorus section? And at 1:24 are you talking about the section where it stops before the chorus? If so, then I'm fixing that now.
  12. Well, like I said, I'm still working on it. Thanks for the tips, I'll dink with it a bit.
  13. That could work... maybe something like that after you repeat the song twice (or even in the middle of the second time). A guitar solo would be sweet, as well, if you're up to it. |GX Oh, heck yeah! I add guitar solos all the time to the songs that I make, and that's exactly what I was planning on doing at one point.
  14. Thx, what do you think would make it sound a little different? A different beat at one point?
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