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Bass Sample Altering/modulating Question (StudioOne/Audacity)

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This may be quite generalized and vague, but in a lot of electronic and dubstep music, bass synths are able to smoothly shift tone and pitch during the drop. Not just in volume or speed, but actually transition into different notes, like a raising siren right before the drop or a bass sample that's modulated to lower over time. So my question is how is this accomplished? I use StudioOne and Audacity and am able to change the pitch of a sample at a certain point marked by the cut tool, but not gradually shift it in any direction. I can think of plenty of examples of this, so if I'm not being clear I can give links to the sound I'm trying to achieve. An example of something I'm NOT looking for is at 0:50 in this track, where I was able to keep each sample static on a different note, but not dynamically sliding into another. This is all I'm able to figure out on my own. Any help will be much appreciated.


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