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legend of dragoon

sephiroth incarnate

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wait...wait a sec there, timeout. ff7 ripoff??? are you insane? the only thing it capitalized was the fact that it was also an rpg. that's pretty much it. other similarities are due to common rpg plot twists. with that said i have to say thanks to everyone that's been following this thread and keep up the good work so we can have plenty of lod remixes

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My team will probably be both rued and hoorah'ed for reviving an 11 mo. old thread like this. Yeah, I've read rules for many forums. But anyway, moving on right?

First I'll stick to topic. A member of my team is planning one or two LoD song remixes himself. I don't know when he will have time, what all with college and a busy life, but they are planned for sure. We're aiming for a Boss Battle remix. Now for all LoD fans, I have a message below:

My name is Scotty, leader of the LoD revival known as Dragoon Spirits. We have done a lot, and in short we have contacted Dennis Martin, the musical composer of over 70% of LoD's music. Secondly, with my team being at over 70 members and the largest, most dedicated/active/progressed LoD support group, we're looking for every isolated LoD community or group/individual, in hopes of one day reuniting everyone. We recently merged with another support group, and have a very nice Virage model, thanks to our top modeler. This is one of my many personal messages looking for all the fans. I still have people joining our cause every week. It's amazing, and I can proove everything I have stated here in full for disbelievers who think I'm just a solicitor, which I am not, by definition, seeing as I started by staying ON topic. Even 11 months later :)

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Huzzah!! If you guys can get me a midi of the battle theme or another interesting one like a sad or mystical tune, then I'll definitely help contribute to this fantastic community!! By the way...if you guys need a real trite and hackneyed fan flick-based story line feel free to ask me, I might have a few ideas you guys may want to incorporate for a sequel...lol.

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