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  1. I'm sad I didn't realize this thread existed here. I've got some reading to catch up on.
  2. Caption contest is yours

  3. I've had plenty of these moments. The one that made me the angriest was my Excalibur 2 run for FF9. Got the sword and went to save it so I could finally go to sleep. The game froze while saving and corrupted the data. Only got to use the damn sword like twice.
  4. It's been a very very busy month for me. Even if I don't participate I'll be sure to read and vote this time around.
  5. I'm jealous of people that can be patient and consistently write good literature. My writing is streaky and sporadic at best.
  6. My short stories are usually written pretty fast. I started writing as soon as I saw it was short story month. Took me about an hour and a half to write then I spent another hour tweaking. Most of my writing occurs during short periods of time, usually in one sitting. If you would like me submit something new for argument's sake, I'm sure I could whip something up.
  7. Don't sweat the word count. Just write what you need to write. If you go over, you can go back and trim back some of the least important details without compromising the story as a whole. If you try to write something such as an important fight with a limit in mind, you're really only stifling the creative process. Just let 'er rip and go from there.
  8. Paradiso on GoogleDocs. Paradiso on DeviantArt. The DeviantArt is a little easier to read in my opinion. It's a pretty gritty piece. It involves themes that may be uncomfortable for some people to read. Kinda had a Law and Order SVU-ish nightmare which inspired this one.
  9. Ah found the thread. I'll be sure to participate in the next round if I can!
  10. Yeah, ret pallys are pretty much useless in a lot of situations as no one really likes DPS without CC. Finally got the Champion of the Naaru title for my rogue. Started farming Kara and got bored with it. Ghostlands isn't really a great server to be on unless you were geared then transferred. So I rerolled a draenei hunter out of boredom.
  11. I would love this gag more if I wasn't a hardcore Amplitude fan reminds me of the I Am Murloc video, though, which isn't a bad thing in the slightest
  12. Fantastic. Did you use the UI tool from the WoW site? I hate the standard interface as well.
  13. What mod is that? It's gorgeous.
  14. I was 61 at the time of those pics. Vanishing while you're already in stealth is the best way to sneak past higher level guards without alerting anyone else around you that there is an intruder. I respecced subtlety since I began to enjoy the sneaky stuff better than the combat dps. Plus, there only 9.234234 x 10^3 combat mace rogues out there.
  15. So i got bored and decided to be a retard and go after Tyrande Whisperwind alone. I have never laughed so hard because of a game ever. Got the ambush of without being detected, but... Tyrande's guards decided to cluster-fuck me for some reason. EDIT: Resized. Ouch were those big.
  16. So do any of you Horde players have the pleasure of seeing "The Crossroads is under attack!" spamming your world defense channel as much as we do here on Ghostlands? Seems like it's nonstop. Also I received my biggest honor last night. I was whispered and told that I was on a Kill-on-Sight list. Yay for me! Probably from sneaking into Darnassus and killing their tree-people on a daily basis...
  17. WoW thread? Super. I'm bad hooked again. 61 rogue on Ghostlands named Amica. Horde > Alliance. Just wish we could trade the Tauren for the Draenei. Too bad the WC story would never allow that to happen...
  18. great now my computer is going to smell like Dr. Pepper. Seriously though, not making a big deal about anything, it's just I lurked for the better part of 2005-2007 and saw what UnMod had become. It wasn't really all that worth getting upset over. *sigh* I just miss RuneLancer and Spram.
  19. It got to the point where I was afraid I was gonna have a goatse pop up at me everytime I opened a new thread. And this is coming from a guy who posted a thread dedicated to a picture of his penis. It ended up with like 50 pages. Mostly size-related insults.
  20. THE INTERNET IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. Surprised no one else said it. Seriously though, as a former UnModder myself, it was a necessary step forward. UnMod was trash. It took the shine off the rest of the site. Props to djp for taking the backlash as well as he did. Props to Coop for being so eloquent in his documenting.
  21. One of those boxes should totally have VRIT R BAD MEN in bright red letters.
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