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Super Mario Bros. "Underwater" for solo guitar (with TAB)


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On 12/1/2016 at 0:02 PM, Gario said:

Sounds a little like a classical guitar arrangement, with the accompaniment and lead playing all at once. The performance could've been cleaner, and the timing could've been better for the melody line, but it's definitely a cool idea you have going there. The tab for it is a nice bonus, I might add. ;)

It is indeed in the vein of a classical guitar arrangement. I agree that the performance could have been cleaner also, haha. I was enjoying my Thanksgiving brews was feeling a little loose for sure. I'll redo it and post it. I did simplify the timing of the melodic line intentionally so that it could be played more like a roll (making this more a folk-adaptation) as my roots are in Appalachian music more than they are in classical. Thanks for the feedback!

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