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Katamari Stars REMIX [somewhat dream trance]

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hey all, back from a long hiatus, glad to be back :]

basically last night i realized my computer doesn't have the power to make the kind of trance i ideally want to so omgohnoes, youre going to hear some florestan in there. haha.

constructive criticism desperately wanted. is one particular element too loud? more variation after the drums kick in?

anything is dandy, hell, i'll even take unconstructive criticism.



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Hiatii (?) are always fun. Needs work (of course). It reminds me of some online game my freind played while I was over his house. It was one of those games you could play for free, but money unlocks more items games.

Where you actually going after trance? Because it doesn't really sound like it too me.

And where's Master Hand? :wink:

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