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  1. CLICK THE ALBUM TO DOWNLOAD TROUT YOGURT 1. Main Screen Turn On 2. Forest of Fellatio 3. Snap Kracko Pop 4. Do A Br00tal Roll 5. Jeffree Star Road 6. Metapod Probably Kicked Your Ass When You Were A Kid 7. K.K. DGAF 8. The Iceclops Cometh 9. The Reason We Vomit Is To Show How Dedicated We Are To Weight Loss 10. Fuck Your Sanctuary, I'm Heading For A Bomb Shelter 11. HP/MP Restored... But No Taco Bell In Sight for fans of HORSE the Band, Genghis Tron, Enter Shikari, and nintendo in general, iamerror lays down the brutality with a nintendo flair on the side. Go for the free download and enjoy the album, lemme know what you think! -peet
  2. when i saw it said death metal vocalist, i wasn't sure what kind of vocals in particular you wanted. i really can't do growls or grunts well, but i OWN the highrange. if you've heard the number 12 looks like you, i have that sound down. so i can record something for you if you like.
  3. some deviation is alright, and it's what propels and creates new genres HOWEVER in the overwhelmingly frequent occurence at ocr, the edm genres in particular are bastardized beyond recognition to the point where anything with a 4x4 beat is considered trance. and although ishkur's guide is tongue in cheek and not to be taken seriously, it provides good genre definition.
  4. the best advice i can give you is to make sure you actually listen to the genre so you can really get a feel of song structure, what synths would be appropriate, because without a background knowledge of the genre you'll make bastardized "trance" with orchestral instruments as leads and it won't be pretty. also take note of what really defines each genre; ishkur's guide is a great place to start. good luck.
  5. vote emailed to doulifee due to opera not handling r:ts well? kept telling me i wasn't logged in when i was, had no idea where to vote... ugh, lame system. weak prc overall. very weak.
  6. kinda cool but the enunciation is horrible. i was thinking about picking up a dx-100 and the banshee to bust out some whitetastic roger&zapp funk
  7. INTENSE everyone needs a little more whitenerdrap
  8. all the plugins you just named are known cpu-killers. are you using any special kind of asio native to your soundcard or just asio4all or something of the like? because after i switched from asio4all to my e-mu 1820m's e-mu asio my latency dropped like 10 ms. as i understand, a faster processor is directly correlated to plugin performance, so that may be the issue.
  9. finally upgraded to fl7, skeet skeet! that and got an audix om5, bitchin live mic.
  10. I'll fight any challengers to the death for Metallic Mario, I have this idea in my head that'd make it a bitchin house track. In case you haven't heard my stuff, contact me on aim and I'll hook you up.
  11. Okay, not to sound mean, but what the fuck is up with your mix? It's like a midi rip sped up and slowed down in awkward places. Make your drums more elaborate than a weak boom cha with 909 samples. Hella boring to listen to. Keep at it.
  12. No no no, it's like this. I recorded that with an instrument cable, the 1820m's inputs can handle both 1/4" cables and XLR. the sound is more or less the same from the mic.
  13. link to sample here. I recorded line-in to one of my dock's XLR inputs.
  14. Nando Florestan's choir is decent with a shitload of reverb on it. It gets me by, anyway.
  15. There's actually a lot of noise when recording linein guitar as opposed to my synth. As far as I know the audio signal is first routed through this, but all its settings seem to be neutral, no added eq.
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