Castlevania "Wicked Child" Remix

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Someone left a comment on one of my videos encouraging me to share my work with this community.


A little bit of research has led me here, and I'm a bit confused about whether my stuff is fit for this community or not.


Most of my work was done before I ever heard of this site. Anyway, here is a link to some stuff:

Castlevania "Wicked Child":

I could really do with some feedback as to whether the community is interested in this or if I am barking up the wrong tree.


Thanks :D

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Hey there!

Neat arrangements of video games? I think you're in the right place, no worries. ;) 

If you'd like to know more about these forums I suggest reading the general rules, as well as the more specific rules for this particular section. Just a quick pointer on here, there is a rule for one track per thread, one thread per track. Thus, I'll probably trim this thread and let you post your other track if you'd like. This helps listeners know what they're in for when they click your link.

Also, you'll need to give your thread a title that lets listeners know what they're in for. "Castlevania Wicked Child Metal remix", for example, would work well enough for the Castlevania track. Nice Castlevania remix, by the way.

No worries, though, you're definitely in the right place; I welcome you to the forums, and I hope you come by often to share and listen. :D 

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Wow, thank you for the wealth of information!

By all means, trim/delete whatever you need to - it wasn't my intention to cause problems :)

You've inadvertently answered one of my follow up questions too, concerning how to give titles to what I work on.


Thank you for the welcome!

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