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The last week or so I've been working with recording.  I've been experimenting with what needs to be done to make a good recording, regardless of performance quality.  Assuming the performance quality is decent, what can be done on the recording side, with microphones, post production, and other effects to make a finished product with good production values? 
What I have below is a recording I put together of the Super Smash Bros Melee Opening sequence. 
Details about this recording:
This was recorded in a medium sized room with no reverb.  The room is very dry and dead.  All reverb was added in editing.  I used two microphones, an MXL 990/991 combo.  Both of these are condensers with one being a pencil.  Click here to see the microphones.

The microphones were arranged with the pencil being about 2 feet from the bell, a little off center, to record direct sound.  The other one was facing me from the other side of the room.  In the youtube video below I have the final mix as presented for the world to see.  I did virtually no editing on the actual recorded tracks, only on the mix. 
For each track, I balanced it so that the indirect signal dominated by 75%, with the other 25% coming from the direct signal.  The tracks were converted to mono after balancing and then panned to create the illusion of staging.  Parts 1 and 5 were panned +30, 2 and 6 were panned +10, 3 and 7 were panned -10, and 4 and 8 were panned -30. 
On the mix, I used an EQ to reduce the midtones, a compressor to help with volume normalizing (I also used this to up the gain to a more normal level).  I used a reverb plugin, and also a directional mixer to widen the stereo by 150%.
Below I have several versions.  The version with no editing retains the balance of 75/25 mentioned above.  The youtube video is the final mix.
This is a recording with no editing. 
This is a recording with just the direct signal.
This is a recording with just the indrect signal.

What can I do to increase my production value?  If I were recording for your project, what would you like to hear in my recordings?  Do you have suggestions for things I should do differently?
Thank you for your time.

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