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The Rare/Playtonic Thread (YOOKA-LAYLEE HYPE!)


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So I started to play Banjo-Kazooie on the 360 last night to prepare for Yooka-Laylee...

I haven't played the game since last year.

Even then, I'm STILL somehow better at it.

I forgot how much fun it was.

Got through the first level in 13 minutes. (Best time for me.)

Two deaths so far, currently on Bubblegloop Swamp

(Get someone else to free you, Clanker!) (Tiptup, no one's going to help you with your music if you kill them if they make mistakes...)

What's funny is that the top ten spots for overall times/levels/everything are the same people, just sometimes in different spots.

Also very happy about the changes and stuff, too (saves EVERYTHING that you do, no more "Save and Quit" to save. NOTES STAY WITH YOU WHEN YOU DIE!)

Had to remember the controls, of course.

Also: hold the Right Bumber (right trigger on N64) to turn faster when swimming or flying. (Thanks, ADGQ!) 

Any other tips/codes/games that you've played by Rare, put them down!


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Man, I wish Microsoft didn't hold Rare so closely, so we could see a re-release of these games on Steam. So many games I won't play again because I just don't want to buy another console. I do have a PS4 but it's a day-one model and sounds like a train is coming-- even after cleaning it out. I also have an Xbox one but... well, I don't think it's been plugged in and out of the basement in over a year. 

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